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Voluntary Help Thread

The idea was pitched that a thread should be made for those who would like to offer their hacking services to others. This is that thread.

Here, you can essentially post a ‘hacking profile’, where you give information on your various hacking abilities. Others can then view these profiles, and get in contact with you if they want your help. It's pretty much as simple as that: you offer your services, people view this thread, and get in contact if they think you can help them.


1. Posts in this thread may only be in the form of ‘hacking profiles’- ie., no requesting help from others. We have the Simple Questions Thread/Script Help Thread/Tutorials section for that. If you come across the profile of someone that can help you, contact them through VM or PM.

2. ‘Hacking Profiles’ must contain proof of work, for any hacking skills you claim to have. For example, if you claim to have scripting abilities, you must post some example scripts. If you claim to be a mapper, post a couple of example maps. If you claim to be a spriter, show some of your work. You get the picture.

3. Of course, general PokéCommunity Rules apply.

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