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I have fallen off the earth for awhile (some weeks? ) it seems. I was setting up a freshly installed OS and chrome and all and wondered why am I missing a few tabs.
It only now occurred to me lol

So hello again o/
I'll get to writing a finished game play update for my W2 Favorites challenge. I finished it last night, since I was too fed up with doing anything on the internet and I really wanted to continue wondering why did I buy Dream Radar now.

★shiny Litleo - found on Route 22 ( named Rira in katakana )
★shiny Gulpin - found on Route 5 (horde) ( basic JP pokemon name )
★shiny Wingull - found on Route 8 (horde) (named Peeko-chan in katakana)
★shiny Furfrou - hunting ~12100+/??? eggs (masuda method) I gave up... will trade shine 4 shiny... please?
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