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First update:

After actually starting this challenge, I realize how hard it is to train a Blissey.
The first special attack you can teach it is the Water Pulse TM from Misty, but that isn't very useful when you're running two water types.

I had to use a modifier to catch Meowth, Gyarados, Milotic, and Blissey.

Then I grinded all of them up to level 8 before Viridian Forest.

By the time I got out they were all level 9 and I easily sweeped Brock with Milotic.

At this point I realized I was ridiculously under-leveled, but I didn't do any grinding.

Making my way through Mt.Moon, Meowth almost died by poison due to the fossil person's Ekans. Luckily Gamefreak decided to put an antidote right at the exit of the cave.

Once I made it through Mt.Moon, I taught Blissey Mega Punch and then grinded everyone up to level 16.

I my rival and everyone up to Bill pretty easily, and then I fought Misty, with my guys still around 16 - 17. At first I thought i was going to get destroyed but Gyarados saved the day, using Thrash and destroying everything. That's where I left off so here are my pokemon so far.
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