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Originally Posted by Yoshi119 View Post
Dungeon Game: Sky
Team Name: Astral Wish
Dungeon and Floor: Apple woods, 12th (I recently restarted)
Code: =-XP32 N&48SH 9C1W=%
T77&KC 90N+80 5MXXRM
PF7-%2 +27-3& N=C@-%
Reward: I don't so sorry, I just restarted, but maybe if you rescue me I could trade you a starter Pokémon or something else in the main games? Please help
I would help, but I lost my copy of Sky.
If you get defeated in Blue or Red, I can help with that, unless you're...
  • Deep in a long dungeon (I can help you up to about 40 floors)
    In one of those gimmick dungeons, like Wish Cave (Wish Cave is OK if you're early on)
    In one of the Legendary Beasts plot-related dungeons (Gotta train the Marshstomp I recruited before I do that)

You'll be rescued by Lucario-Rank Pikasaur. No reward is needed or even wanted, as we have more than 300,000 Poké and most items.
I will try to find my Sky, I beat Darkrai on it.
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