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Originally Posted by ToWriteLove View Post
Hey EV, long time no chat. ^^ I have returned with yet another request. xD Is that cool with you?

Username: ToWriteLove
Pokemon: Wobbuffet
Nickname (if want one): N/a
Gender: Male
Nature: Bold
Ability: Shadow Tag
IVs: Perfect
Shiny: No
Egg Moves: Don't think so?
Hatch Location: White Forest
EVs wanted: 28 HP/ 232 Defence/ 248 Special Defence
Final Moveset: Encore/ Mirror Coat/ Counter/ Safeguard
Level to level up to (Optional): 100
Other: Have spare leftovers? :3

I appreciate that you offer this service. ^^ Once again, I will most likely be trading you one of the few event Pokemon I have left for him since he will finish up my team. ^^
To get Encore onto Wobuffet I have to breed a Wynaut and then level it up. No worries though, I can do it still. :)
Originally Posted by Wrixos View Post
Hello, may I have a breeding request for you :)

Pokemon: Scizor
Nickname (if want one):No nickname
IVs:31 speed, 31 attack
Shiny:Yes please :3
Egg Moves: Doesn't matter
Hatch Location: Doesn't matter
Other: I luv you
Scizor can't be bred, but Scyther can. Would you like a shiny Scyther with 31 in all stats and then I give it a Metal Coat when I trade to you to evolve into Scizor?
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