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I’m a survivorF is for Friends who do stuff together,I’m gonna make itU is for U aaand meeee!I will survive!N is for Anywhere and anytime at all,Keep on surviving!Down here in the deep blue seeea!

“Nikk, are you okay?” Natalie asked, noticing her friend’s distress, “I’m annoyed too, but I can’t do anything about it. Even muting my phone, the song still plays.”

“I... Yes.” Nikk was smashing his ears, forehead and his face in a disorderly fashion as his hands tried to eradicate such horrifying songs from his being, “I just... keep hearing that stupid fun song... Did you know the U stands for Uranium Bombs? I didn’t.”

“Isn’t that from Spongebob?” Natalie asked, “I got really tired of that show ages ago. It’s so repetitive.”

“Amen to that...” Nikk sighed in relief as he finally ceased hearing the song. His rising hopes, however, were soon crushed as the choking voice returned, enraged. How darest you say that about the singing sponge!. Nikk turned around as he heard the voice mocking him. It’s got to be here... somewhere. That Spongebob lover who’s trying to get under his skin...

“That voice...”


“That. STUPID. Voice!”

“I have a stupid voice?” Natalie asked, “I’m so sorry that I annoyed you then! I have no control over what it sounds like! You know what, I am just going to leave.”

“What, no!, I--”Fight, fight, fight!”I wasn’t talking about your stupid voice!”

“You just admitted that I have a stupid voice!” Natalie retorted. Finish him! She turned his back to him and began to walk away, really not in the mood to get into a huge argument in the middle of a street, “if the way I talk is unbearable then I guess we shouldn’t be friends.”

“N-No, tha-that wasn’t w-what I meant to say!” Nikk tried to defend with his now stuttering voice his previous sentence to no avail.

“Then what is it?” Natalie stopped and asked, “you seem to be putting your foot in your mouth so far.”

“Okay, firstly I have no idea what that means,” he stops, hoping the voice has calmed down by now... What?, “Secondly I didn’t mean to say that...” He stares at the ground as he sighs yet again, “I should probably go now...” He stares at Natalie again. Puppy eyes and all... Big, round and shining under the bright sunlight of New York. Barring the pollution and stuff, of course.

“Stop it,” Natalie muttered, “It’ll make it harder to leave. You know I love puppies.”

“Sshhtap what?” He replied as he widened his eyes, not blinking so that they went brighter and brighter as he began to speak in a baby-like voice

“That look,” Natalie answered, feeling her resolve just break, “Why is it that you are able to do this to me? I want us to stay friends. I don’t want to ruin what we have.”

“If our friendship isn’t online then what do you want to have?”

Natalie grabbed Nikk’s shirt and pulled his face down on hers. Their lips touched for a brief moment before Natalie pulled away quickly, “Whatever relationship that’ll let us do that.”

Dear mamma! Get a room, you two!
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