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Originally Posted by AlexTheRose View Post
The one thing that pissed me off about 7 was the way they introduced the whole ClearType Selection Wizard BS, getting rid of the simple checkbox in the CP that Vista had. In 7 you have to edit the registry to turn off ClearType, which IIRC is also irreversible. Go figure.
Nope. You can change whether you use ClearType or just standard text AA with the ClearType Tuner. The tuner is there to better tweak ClearType for different monitors and people, as people react differently to subtle changes in font rasterization with ClearType, or any AA font method, for the matter of it. You can disable any AA by going to System Properties and changing visual effects from there, and it's perfectly reversible.

Even if you have a CRT monitor, sometimes, ClearType still makes things look better. Sometimes. It'll have less of an effect than on LCD panels, but there's a perceptible difference. Whether the difference is good or bad depends on the person - to me, it's good.

Originally Posted by AlexTheRose View Post
As for Windows 8, I don't dare to try it because of its interface. It was a really poor decision by Microsoft to put a Tablet OS onto a desktop.
I'll agree with this. However, 8.1 should make things a whole lot easier, and you can still stick with 7 if you wish.

Originally Posted by AlexTheRose View Post
...You know, there's a reason OS workability keeps getting smaller and smaller with each new release of Windows. Why is that? Well, Microsoft doesn't target people who are intelligent enough to know not to screw up their computers. They don't target people who have the sense to know not to screw around in the registry or with system files and know that they'll probably screw something up. You know who they target? The unenlightened masses. The people who don't care what the computer can do, as long as they have their Angry Birds and their Amazon and their Facebook and all that. Why? The unenlightened masses vastly outnumber the intelligent human beings who know the potential computers hold and use it. Simple as that. And it's sad really, that corporations like Microsoft are going to waste such an unprecedented and valuable innovation on mindless people with mindless intentions doing mindless things on their computers, honestly.
One of the things that Windows does not do is restricting the user's ability to do whatever with the operating system. Don't like something? There should be third-party applications for just that need. Microsoft is merely responding to market trends - however, I'd say that they failed because a hybrid OS doesn't work well when you think about it hard.
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