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Decided to play Borderlands 2 again after 8 months of having it sit on my hard drive...
Just finished beating the BNK-3R and secured the Vault Key.

I had a few hours of fun just messing around with Varkids (only in Normal mode now, so up to 4th stage Varkids only :/) and farming Crystalisks in Caustic Caverns.

Quote originally posted by ShadowExcadrill:
Threshers... I hate them so much... Especially the wormhole ones. They just pop right in front of you and scare the heck outta you... They are quite easy to deal with, but they scare me so much xD

On the other hand Stalkers are quite annoying without a good lvl shock weapon... they keep going invisible
Agreed. Although the Threshers give me more issues than I think they should.
Oh, and I'm playing as the Commando guy (Axton) and I'm at level 28 right now, in case anyone wants to play on Steam.
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