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A/N: Officer Jenny is on the scene, will she arrest Ryu and take back Tyrogue? Most likely not Read on

Chapter 3:

Meeting the Professor

"You three are all under arrest!" the woman pronounced, as she held her badge up and shoved it forward in front of them. The man frowned in annoyance, clearly showcasing that he was not too keen on encountering her.

"Damn, it's Officer Jenny" the man said aggravated as he looked at the woman who was glaring down the two.

"What should we do? If we stay here any longer, they're might be more on the way" the woman panicked as she slowly backed away.

"Don't falter!" he screamed, which caused her to be startled.

"We still have the advantage, if we can take out her out quickly, we can set our eyes on re capturing the Tyrogue" he explained to his less enthusiastic team mate.

Officer Jenny however, set her eyes upon the teenage boy who was currently kneeing down with what seemed to be a Pokemon in his hands. Was this boy trying to save that Pokemon from them? He wasn't wearing one of their uniforms and was on the opposite side of their attacks, so maybe he wasn't apart of Team Galactic. This is what she concluded and decided that as an officer of the Sinnoh Region, she must protect and secure the safety of all citizens and pokemon. However, her thinking was cut short, as the two began their assault on her.

"Croagunk, Use Poison Jab!" he screamed, and as quickly as it came, Croagunk leaped up after being previously defeated and released a purple glow around his flap. It then sprinted towards Officer Jenny's Growlithe with the intent on getting payback.

"Playing dirty eh? Growlithe use Ember!" Jenny countered. Growlithe opened its mouth and released a barrage of small orange darts towards Croagunk.

"Croa!" it screamed out it agony as it was stopped mid way of its charge. The attack hit it dead on and it began taking its toll on the frog pokemon.

"Use Wing Attack Murkrow!" the female screamed. On coomand, her dark bird jetted towards the wolf pokemon. Its wings began to glow white and soon they were fully basked in a translucent bright light.

"Watch out!" Ryu screamed.

Jenny however, just smirked and remained her cool.

"Now Growlithe, aim your Ember towards Murkrow" she told it. On que, Growlithe lifted its head about ninety degrees and the small barrage of orange darts began shifting themselves toward the flying pokemon.

"Murkrow!" the pokemon howled out as the barrage landed itself on its body, sending it crashing down to the floor.

"Now Growlithe, follow up with Take Down!" she ordered, and with amazing speed, Growlithe dashed towards the falling Murkrow and delivered a devastating tackle towards its torso which sent it flying back, crashing into the weakened Croagunk. Ryu was in complete awe. He never imagined that a Police officer would be such a potent battler.

The man and the woman from Team Galactic couldn't believe this. They never anticipated that the Police force would have such strong battlers on their squads. The duo panicked and decided that it was time to withdraw.

They most likely could have dealt with the single Officer by themselves if they used their weapons, but they did not want to risk the chance of more coming to her aid. They recalled their defeated pokemon, who were lying on the floor with dizzy circles spinning around their eyes.

"We may have lost for now, but I promise you that we'll take back that Tyrogue, count on it" and with that, the two had disappeared into the forest.

Officer Jenny sighed in disappointment. This was the third one she let get away. Head Officer Trudge wasn't going to be too happy about this, seeing as he wasn't the most "easy going" boss. She then bent down and patted her Growlithe on its head.

"Excellent job Growlithe, you did very well"

"Grow~" the wolf Pokémon purred as its owner rubbed its head. Jenny then took out her Poke ball and recalled her tough canine back.

She then turned her attention towards the teenager who was still kneeling down, clutching his chest closely. She hastily made her way toward him and examined his body.

"Are you injured?" she asked, wanting to know if he had taken any damage. Ryu turned his head and gave her a confident smile.

"Yea I'm fine, nothing to concern yourself with" he said, but still trying to bear the back pain that the poison needles from earlier had caused.

"That was incredibly reckless you know, trying to take on Team Galactic by yourself" she said with a little sass in her voice as she put her hands on her hips.

Apparently, Team Galactic was what they were called.

"I guess that explains why they had the initials TG on their uniforms" he thought as he remembered what they looked like.

Ryu stood up and shook off all of the pain his back was giving him, as treating this weakened Tyrogue was more important to him.

"Sorry I cannot talk Officer, I need to get this guy to Professor Rowan as quickly as possible" Ryu said with haste in his voice. As he turned around and tried to continue his path towards Sandgem town, a sudden stinging pain surfaced on his back.

"Ai!" he squealed, as the pain came as sudden as a millisecond. He turned around and looked at Jenny, who had a finger directed on the spot on his back that had been damaged.

"The hell was that for!" he yelled, still feeling the sting of her little "attack".

"Faker, you aren't alright are you" she said with her eyes squinted. Ryu chuckled nervously and scratched the back of his head.

Damn, she was good.

She then reached into one of her pockets and brought out a white handkerchief. She walked closely to Ryu and wiped his back that had a few bruises all over it.

"I appreciate it, thank you" he thanked her, as he felt her hands rubbing into his skin.

"Hey, don't sweet it kid" she replied happily, as she finished dusting off what had been on his back. Jenny turned her attention towards the small creature that had been resting in his arms.

"Is that a…Tyrogue?" she inquired, while placing a hand on her chin, wanting to know what a pokemon that wasn't usually seen in these parts was doing here with this boy.

"I guess so, I found him in the forest, and I've been trying to get him to Professor Rowan" he responded, explaining the situation. Ryu continued to inform her of what had happened and how he had been attacked by Team Galactic.

Officer Jenny couldn't really believe that he was trying to bring an injured Pokemon to a Pokemon Professor. Why didn't he think of taking it to the Pokemon Centre?

Either he must have been a completely new trainer, who had no idea about the Pokemon world...or he was just stupid.

"Uhm, why don't you take him to the Po-" she didn't have the chance to finish, as Ryu leaned in closer as he made a request.

"Please, I need to see Professor Rowan as quickly as possible!" he said with a firm resolve to see the Professor. Jenny could see how determined he was to see him and thought that seeing him would have the same result as surely Professor Rowan knew how to handle a fever. Besides, with the puppy dog face he was giving her, how could she say no?

"Alright leave it to me, I'll take you there" she proudly said, and offered him a ride on her motor bike. Ryu's face suddenly brightened up and he smiled happily.

"Thank you Officer….uhm…sorry, but do you mind telling me your name" he asked, while looking the other way as when he did when he asked Johanna for her name. Jenny looked at the boy curiously, but then smiled and answered his request.

"It's Jenny" she said as she walked towards her motor bike.

"Well come on now" she continued, while motioning him to take a seat next to her.

Ryu, not waiting another second, walked towards the bike and sat down.

Her bike was double seated, as it had a seat in the middle of it and another that was in the form of a pod that sat next to it. He adjusted himself around as he secured his helmet, making sure not to move around too much due to Tyrogue's condition.

"Hang on, kid" she assured him, turning the handle on her bike. The bike's motor spiked up and the two were on their way towards Sandgem Town.

The bike ride was fairly quiet, with Jenny asking him occasionally about his past and where he had come from, but he had to remind himself that he had no recollection of what happened before he met Johanna in Twin Leaf town.

While Jenny was asking questions about him, he popped in a few questions of his own, wanting to know more about the two jerks who had assaulted him in the forest. It seems that their organization was called Team Galactic. They were a crime syndicate that focused on capturing Pokémon for god knows what. Ryu knew that they were not the friendliest type of people from how their belief on how Pokémon were just tools, but to attack, capture, and then absorb pokemon? The mere thought almost made Ryu intensely irritated at how they didn't' treat them respectfully.

"So, you really had no idea why Team Galactic was after you?" she inquired.

"I already told you, I have no memory of anything before I came to Twin Leaf town. If I had done something, it must have been something I did way before then" he replied.

"But what about that pokemon you're holding?" she reminded him, and pointed to the light-headed Tyrogue that had crouched up in Ryu's chest.

"I'm assuming that they must have been after that pokemon from what you are telling me"

Ryu looked at the pokemon in his hands and tried to figure out what had made this pokemon so special.

"Hey Jenny, can you tell me anything about this pokemon?" he asked, trying to inquire more information.

Jenny had stayed quiet for a while, trying to seem as if she had something important to say, but unfortunately….

"Yea, I have absolutely no idea" she admittedly said, while blushing and putting her hand behind her head. A drop of sweat formed behind Ryu's head, and he just smiled awkwardly.

"Sorry, but I don't know much about Pokémon that aren't from this region" she began to explain.

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"Each region is assigned its own number of Police Officers, so if you really want to know anything about that pokemon, your best bet would be to ask someone who is from the Johto region."

Ryu pondered what she had just said about these so called regions. How many of these regions would he have to explore if he were to have any hope of discovering anything about this Tyrogue, his memories, and the gauntlet that had been placed on his arm.

As the two continued their conversation, the time flew by and before they knew it, they were at the end of Route 201, and at the entrance of Sandgem Town.

The town was quite large in fact, with several different houses located all around the area. There was some sort of salty scent that filled the air, probably due to the fact that they were located right next to a beach. Jenny noticed Ryu's amusement at seeing the town and let out a small giggle. Was this really his first time seeing such an average populated place before?

"Do you see that white building over there that is bigger than the other houses" she asked as she pointed her finger towards a tall white cylinder shaped building. Ryu nodded, noticing the difference between this building and all of the others.

"That is where Professor Rowan does all of his Pokemon Research, I'll drop you off there" she explained and continued to drive the vehicle until they reached the lab.

As they finally arrived, Ryu had gotten out of the two seat bike and of course made sure not to move around too much.

As he got out, Jenny noticed something for the first time that was quite peculiar. It was his arm. Why was he wearing a gauntlet on his right arm? She thought that she should ask but hesitated for a moment. Ryu noticed this and looked at her carefully.

"What's wrong?" he asked with a confused look on his face. Jenny quickly shook her hands and began to laugh nervously.

"Oh, it's nothing, forget it" she was able to muster while still awkwardly laughing, with Ryu just raising an eyebrow.

Even though he was grateful towards her, she was weird, but in a good way.

Minutes went by in which Ryu and Jenny exchanged goodbyes and Jenny expressed concern for Tyrogue.

"You make sure you get that Tyrogue back to normal, you hear me?" she ordered in a type of motherly fashion. Ryu snickered at how she tried to act like his mother, but smiled.

"Of course, just leave it to me" he said to her. Jenny knew that Tyrogue would most likely be fine. Call it a hunch or instinct, but she just had a feeling that she could trust him, even though he did not look like the most trustworthy person in the world. However, he had the innocence of a child on his face, which made his story all the more believable.

"Well then, I'll see you around kid" she finally said, and reached for the handle on her bike.

"Jenny hold on!" he swiftly said which alerted the older woman.

"W-What is it?" she mumbled out, a little taken back at what he had just blurted out. Ryu then sort of blushed a bit as he did not usually like talking all mushy.

"Thank you" he wholeheartedly said and bowed his head in respect.

Two words. Two simple words that held such little meaning to some people, had the opposite effect on others.

Jenny just stared blankly at him; she had never heard such an innocent and sincere thanks, especially coming from a boy who looked out of the ordinary. She had to admit to herself that she had some doubts about the boy when she saw him with the Team Galactic members. However, those doubts were all diminished, as he seemed like the type of person who wouldn't join an organization like Team Galactic.

So with that, Jenny left the laboratory, and soon Sandgem town as well. Ryu just stared into the distant image of her bike running off and started to think about the first woman to help him out.

"Man, is every woman in this world so naturally kind?" he thought as he turned around. Ryu shook his head and tried to forget about it. Now wasn't the time to think about that right now, he had finally arrived at Professor Rowan's laboratory.

He swallowed his spit as he stood at the laboratory's glass door. He began to feel nervous after thinking about it for a while. This could be the place where he could learn the answer to all of his questions. This Professor could finally tell him the secret behind his right arm, and why it was attached to him, and maybe even who he was in the past. Seeing as though Team Galactic desperately wanted this Tyrogue, there might have been a connection as well. Ryu looked down at the small Pokemon, who was still breathing abnormally and nodded his head.

He found the strength to move his shaken legs and began to march forward. When he reached the glass door, he raised his arm to open it, but the door automatically opened, which caused Ryu to be slightly alarmed.

"Whoa…" he stared in amazement at the doors opening all on their own. He entered the laboratory and looked it over for any signs of life.

He saw a couple of people who looked no older than twenty years of age wearing white lab coats at different desks. The laboratory was huge, with stairs and different rooms located on every side. On the top floors was what appeared to be a research area, as there were different kinds of Pokemon that were in green tubes and had some type of equipment covering their bodies.

He slowly walked inside and apparently, no one cared, as he wasn't noticed by any of the scientists. As he continued to walk, trying to search for a certain someone, a sudden burst of smoke erupted a few metres ahead of him at the corner.

"What's going on?" he panicked, covering his eyes and turned his back to shield not only himself, but the Tyrogue in his hand.

"Chimchar, get back here!" one of the scientists screamed, as a wild monkey animal ran across the room jumping from place to place firing the same attack that Jenny's Growlithe had used against the duo.

"Chim-char~!" the pokemon screamed gleefully while flaunting about.

"A wild Pokemon is on the loose?" Ryu thought, watching the hyperactive pokemon fling from desk to desk pretty much destroying everything in its path. Chimchar had then noticed Ryu standing there observing it, and felt a sudden urge to attack him for absolutely no reason. It charged in at him at such a speed that it didn't give Ryu a chance to react.

"Holy ****!" Ryu screamed as he watched the Chimchar swiftly approach him.

"Ariados, use String Shot!" a rough sounding voice said from the back, and all of a sudden, a white string that looked like a spider net came from a arachnid like Pokemon. The string was a direct hit and tangled the hot headed monkey Pokémon, finally subduing it.

"Char!" it screamed out as it was captured. The monkey kept trying to escape its capture, but the string that had secured it was incredibly binding,and only made it worse the more he struggled.

"Now, get back in your poke ball" said the voice from earlier, as a man pulled out a Poke Ball that emitted a light which sucked the Chimchar back into the into it. Ryu dropped to the floor with some slight sweat coming from his forehead.

"Well, what do we have here?" the man from earlier remarked as he walked toward Ryu.

He was slightly taller than average, and had a white beard that went along with his white moustache and white hair. He looked like he was in his early forties maybe late forties at best.

As he got closer, Ryu had just remembered the real reason why he was here. He was supposed to meet with Professor Rowan and getting involved in silly antics would only distract him from that goal, especially for Tyrogue as it looked weaker by the second.

"You must be Ryu" the man examined, bending down in a squat position and staring at him. How did this old many know his name? How could he have known his name when he had never seen him before in his life? Could he be his father? Nah, couldn't be they looked nothing alike.

"Uh…Yea that's me, but how do you know my name?" Ryu asked

"My word, she was right, you do have frighteningly long hair" he said, while continuing to stare at the confused youth.

Now this was weird. Who was "she?"

"I didn't believe her at first but I can't be-" he was about to continue, but quickly noticed the pokemon in his arms that was breathing heavily.

"Oh my" he examined, as he looked at the weak pokemon who had a faint red cheeks on its pink face.

"Quickly, place that pokemon on my desk" he said, indicating to the boy to act fast.

Ryu, who was still confused as to who this old guy was, suddenly snapped back into it. He nodded his head and went along with him as he placed the Tyrogue on his desk.

The old man took out some sort of device that had a lot of difficult buttons to understand, pressed a few of them and held the machine near Tyrogue. A light was released from the tip of the machine and scanned the pokemon from head to toe.

Numbers and different formulas began to scroll down the device, and different pop ups began opening up on it with the man staring intensely at them.

"What did that machine do? Is he going to be alright?" Ryu asked, worried about the safety of the pokemon. The man turned around and raised his fist into the hair and lightly conked Ryu on the head.

"Ah!" he screamed as he held his head with both his hands, confused as to why the old man would hit him.

"What was that for!" he screamed, as he agonized at the unexpected assault on his head.

"Simple, that was a punishment for being such a reckless trainer" he calmly said with his hands behind his back.


Who was he referring to? Surely he couldn't be referring to Ryu.

"Are you talking about me?" he asked confused.

"Do you see anyone else standing next to me?" he responded, not believing that he asked such a silly question.

This annoyed Ryu a bit as he did not take kindly to adults who were know it all's, the only exception being females.

"Whoa, let's get something straight old man; I am not that Pokémon's trainer." Ryu stated, trying to clear the situation. Now it was the man's turn to be surprised. If he was not this Pokémon's trainer, than why the bloody hell was he carrying it around?

"Wait a minute, you are the same Ryu that Johanna had helped out earlier, are you not?" he questioned, trying to understand the misunderstanding.

Oh the irony. Now this was another shocker. How did he know Johanna? Was this man some sort of famous person that Ryu was not informed about?

"Yea that's me, but like I said, I'm not this Pokémon's trainer. I just found it in the forest injured and it had a fever so I thought that Professor Rowan could take a look at it" he explained.

It took a while but the man suddenly began laughing. What was so funny? Ryu didn't get adult humour so he just stood there tilting his head.

"Ah I see I see, there's no way you could be any type of trainer if you didn't know you were supposed to bring your pokemon to the Pokemon Centre when it became ill or injured." He joked, while still laughing at Ryu's odd decision to bring an injured Pokemon toward a Research laboratory.

What was he talking about? What did he mean by….Ah!

All of a sudden, Ryu's head began to pound again exactly the same way it did before when he was attacked.

What was this Pokemon…..Centre? Those two words came into his head.

Ryu found himself seeing images of an orange building that the initials "P" on it. Pools of information began to flood it's way into his membrane, and information that he had not known before unexpectedly became relevant. How could he forget? A Pokemon Centre was used as a Pokemon hospital to nurse and care of injured Pokemon. But where had this information come from? Why was it suddenly revealed to him after he had heard these certain words.

The strange old man observed Ryu's odd behaviour and how he kept placing one of his hands next to his head, as if he was having the world's worst headache.

"Johanna was right, this boy is quite different" he thought.

As Ryu ran these different thoughts in his head, Professor Rowan took this time to call one of his assistants.

"Ian!" he shouted towards a young man who was dressed in a lab coat a few feet from their location. He had raven coloured hair and wore a pair of glasses. The young scientist looked over at him and began to walk to where they were standing.

"Is there something that I can assist you with, Professor?" he asked in a respectful tone.

"I need you to take a look at this Tyrogue. Bring it some antidotes and paralyse heals" he explained, as he pointed towards the slumbering Pokemon. The assistant looked over at him and nodded his head to show that he understood.

"Of course, right away" he nodded as he lifted the injured pokemon carefully and walked into a different door.

Ryu had noticed this, as he felt the pain from his head die down, and became slightly worried.

"Hey, where is he taking him?" he asked, trying to follow the assistant. He then felt a force grab onto his left arm with a firm grip.

"We need to talk" the old man said with a serious look on his face. Ryu didn't understand who this man was or what he had needed, but he didn't appreciate some stranger suddenly grabbing him on his arm.

"What makes you think I'd listen to you? Just who exactly are you anyway?" he rudely demanded.

The man just smiled and let go off his arm. "I am Professor Rowan, the Head Professor of Sinnoh. It's a pleasure to meet you" he proudly said as he put both of his arms behind his back.

Oh Crap.

Whoa! Well Ryu finally gets to meet the Professor. Will he be able answer all of his questions?

Next Time: Chapter 4“Kenta, The Lone Wolf”
Ryu finally meets Professor Rowan and is desperate to know about his past and about his right arm. Will Ryu obtain the answers he ever so needs? and who is this new trainer who appears before him?
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