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I have a lot but I'll narrow it down to two. My two favorite games would have to be Pokemon HGSS (DS) and Smash Bros Brawl (Wii).

I decided to include HGSS in my top two because I seem to play it a ton. G/S/C were my favorite Pokemon games, and Johto is my favorite region ever, so naturally you would guess I love HGSS. Also, it introduced just a lot of awesome new features like the follow-me and triathlon. I replay this game the most out of all the Pokemon games.

And Smash Bros Brawl is pretty self explanatory. It's just a kick-ass game. The characters, stages, story mode, etc. So much to do. And the online play is top notch (most of the time) and I can just spend a lot of time playing it. It never seems to get boring to me. Now I actually want to play it right now lmao.
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