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Originally Posted by Sindrie View Post
So it says we can trade in a pokemon if it's a version exclusive so does that mean like in soul silver one could trade in a spinarak/sandshrew/growlithe?
Sandshrew is the only Pokemon on that list that does not qualify. There are ways to get Sandshrew in both games.

Originally Posted by ScubaDouch3 View Post
PS: According to the rules I'm allowed to hack in a Magmar in Yellow, am I right?
No, hacking is only allowed if you can't get Pokemon of your type before the third gym. You may trade Magmar in since it is version exclusive, but hacking is a no go.

Originally Posted by HaiImNate View Post
Username: HaiImNate
Type: Fire
Challenge: Single
Game: Emerald



Started the game a couple of days ago. About to reach the 4th gym.

Current squad:
Based on what I see of this post, it looks like you have been using Mightyena, since you can't catch them at that level. You are only allowed to use Pokemon of your selected type, I am sorry, I can't count this challenge.