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Hey, guys. It appears that I am having a little bit of an issue here... First off, I recently bought myself a Lenovo IdeaPad Y510P and it worked great as hell when doing some multimedia work but when I installed this game called Need For Speed World, an online racing game to race, I seem to lag quite a lot. It usually occurs on a certain part of area, too much traffics or if I am driving too fast. I wonder why and I need some IT geniuses to help solve this for me. Thanks.
My laptop's spec:

Since I just got it, I didn't do much with it. Here are the list of programs opened in my desktop:

And if you are wondering, no, I did not open any other programs that are not needed besides Chrome and Skype and I tried running the game at it's lowest settings and still lagged a lot. The game seems to worked fine on the Cyber Cafe's PC very well with 2 games opened at once but this could barely do anything near justice. I need help, please! And I live in Malaysia, and this laptop isn't set to be in my country till the next 2 months but I found some dude that is selling it here so I bought it from him. Maybe there's a solution to why or some hints? Could be 'Grey Import', maybe? Thanks!
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