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Emigre paid close attention to what each of the students had to say about themselves, as well as how they said it. Some attitude adjustments were going to have to be made, but this was the first day. She hadn't been a shining example of civility when her mutation first revealed itself, so she could hardly expect that from anyone else. Time would see those changes occur soon enough.

"Very good, thank you everyone. Alexandra, Mackenzie, there is no rush to think of your post-'uman name, you should take your time and think of one you are 'appy with. Now, as I said, these will be the people you spend most of your time with. 'owever, you are all individuals, with different abilities and needs, so you will not 'ave all your classes together," she said, picking a stack of papers up from her desk and walking through the room, setting papers on each students desk. The odd effect of darkness moved with her, seemed to be a part of her. Wherever she went in the room seemed to become more poorly lit than anywhere else, but didn't linger once she moved on. It was as if she was generating anti-light.

"These are your provisional syllabus. It is the classes you are being assigned at first, but this is not permenant. As we get to know you better - what you can do, what you want, what you need - we will adapt. Your education, like you, will evolve, yes? As you can see, we do not merely train your powers here. You will all study Maths, Sciences, History, English Language and Literature, Geography, Social Studies, Self Defense, Algebra... well, I think you get the idea, yes? Some of your classes will be held psychically, so we can accomplish more. A two 'our psychic class on the American Civil War can be achieved in two minutes, so if your timetable at first glance looks impossible I assure you it is not."

She returned to her position at the front of the room, leaning on her desk. While she had been moving about the classroom people would have been able to glance her profile, rather than her frontal silhouette. She looked to be in good shape, but then again, all that could be seen was her shape...

"We will also 'ave the sessions you expect, where we study and work with your mutant abilities. We will improve your control and study practical applications. That being said, you 'ave individual classes we suspect may 'elp your abilities in a less direct way. Les Ouragan," she said, putting her full French accent into the pronounciation and sounding amused, "you have a class studying the various chemical interactions water can effect and undergo, as well as weather patterns. Mackenzie, you will study animal physiology and biology. Artisan, for obvious reasons we are giving you a sculpting class. Dune - we have arranged an advanced geology class for you, in addition to the standard studies of that subject. Alexandra, you will be studying thermal sciences for the time being."

She gace them all a moment to digest the information and read their syllabus. It was incredibly dense, full of just about every topic you could imagine along with some unsuaul ones - Interstellar Species Relations, Homo Superior History, Atlantean Politics... to the less studious it would be nothing short of daunting.

"Now. If this seems like a lot, do not worry. As I said, your education 'ere will evolve as we get to know you better. Before we carry on, does anyone have any questions? About each other, the school, your classes, myself? And before you ask, no, you will not be receiving uniforms yet, nor will we be concerning ourselves with their design."
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