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My life-changing event is definitely negative.

It made me see my mom in a completely different way. I saw the out-of-control rage side of my mother. That kind of broke me a little.

She got overwhelmingly mad at me, and then proceeded to tear apart my entire room. Throwing books off my shelves, threw hangers and clothes AT ME out of my closet until nothing remained, tearing out drawers and spreading the contents along the floor, and taking both my guitars and dropping them down (no regard for their meaning to me) and then finally ripping the covers off my bed.

And making me clean it all up WHILE she watched over me standing right there in my doorway. Yelling at me.

For an F on a paper in math

It caused me to fear my mother more than I love her. I do love my mother but my fear for her puts a strange boundary between us sometimes.
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