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Originally Posted by ricorbk
this hack is really interesting, keep up the good work

Originally Posted by ForeverDash
pretty update . though i don't really like the orange XD;
Thanks! I like the orange, so it will stay

Originally Posted by Ash493
Could either the text or the yellow BG be darker?
They are both too light and the text is not readable very well.
Originally Posted by Rizon
Wow, what a nice update! :3 I liked how you added the new moves. :D
The only thing I want you to change is the battle textbox palette, it's too bright.

Anyways, good luck with this! I'm looking forward for more updates! <_<
Originally Posted by pokemon hack
looking good as always. I like the new moves you've inserted. well the textbox is rather bright maybe a darker text or darker textbox?
Thanks for the feedback, guys. I will try darkening the background yellow color.

Although part of the reason you might find the text difficult to read is because for some reason the images appear "squished" in the thread.
If you look at it directly on photobucket, they display correctly and are thus easier to read.