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I haven't played SoulSilver in a while, I've never beat Red. I kind of came to a stand still with it. My pokemon are a good few levels from being able to beat him. I'll eventually finish it. Maybe.
As for my Diamond, Platinum, & Pearl. I had Diamond beat then my DS got stolen with my Diamond game card in it. I bought them all in an auction on eBay for $35 which is almost what I'd pay for one used at the game store & they're legit. I'd like to eventually find the time to play them all but I'm stuck in the new Gens.

Hadn't posted about my gen 4 games so thought I'd share.

Don't kill me if I disappear in a trade, I work in public safety, sometimes stuff happens. I'll be back.
I have a Rock type Friend Safari with Boldore, Corsola, & Barbacle. PM me to trade FCs.

Have a few legendaries & some rare Pokemon to complete my National dex. Clones or touch trades would be great. If we do touch trades, I do have some legendaries for touch trade only. Help is appreciated.
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