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Ultimate Monotype Fightning
Finished Platinum

- Takeas Starter and caughtat Route 207, then defetead Roak 0/5 with Karate Chop
- Caught at Route 211, then defeated Gardenia 0/5 and Fantina 1/5 with Flame Wheel
- Defetead Maylene 1/5 with Earthquake and Crasher Wake 1/5 with Thunderpunch/Hi Jump Kick
- Defetead Byron 0/5 and Candice 1/5 with Earthquake/Cross Chop
- More storyline later.....defetead Cyrus 1/5 with Thunderpunch/Hi Jump Kick
- Defetead Volkner 0/5 with Earthquake and, befare Elite 4, the Rival
- Defetead Aaron 1/5 with Flare Blitz (Scizor), Zen Headbutt (Heracross) and Stone Edge
- Defetead Bertha 1/5 with Ice Punch and Dynamic Punch
- Defetead Flint with 1/5 Earthquake and Close Combat
- Defetead Lucian with 0/5 with Sword Dance + Shadow Claw
vs Cynthia 1/5
Sword Dance + Flare Blitz defeated
Close Combat defeated
Ice Punch defeated
Dynamic Punch defeated
Zen Headbutt defeated
Ice Punch defeated

No MVP, All my Pokemon have done a great job!!


Lv.65 | Adamant | Male | Blaze | Spooky Plate
Close Combat
Flare Blitz
Sword Dance
Shadow Claw

Lv.65 | Impish | Male | No Guard | Quick Claw
Stone Edge

Lv.65 | Careful | Female | Pure Power | Mind Plate
Ice Punch
Hi Jump Kick
Zen Headbutt