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Just gonna do a quick update on my Emerald Bug run before I get through Victory Road.

My Team:

Ivan (Armaldo): lvl 45

Metal Claw
Rock Tomb

Helga (Ninjask): lvl 46

Swords Dance
Leech Life
Fury Cutter

Lenny (Heracross): lvl 48

Horn Attack
Take Down
Brick Break

Shedinja (Shedinja): lvl 40 (can't remember where the Name Rater is in this game...)

Fury Swipes
Confuse Ray
Shadow Ball
Fury Cutter

Bella (Beautifly): lvl 40

Morning Sun
Giga Drain
Stun Spore

If I knew how to put sprites in I would totally do it.

I think I might need to do a little grinding after Victory Road, but it shouldn't be too bad.