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Partner Pokémon Sewaddle it's so cute omggg <3
Favorite Bug type move Bug Buzz! It's what makes my Yanmega shine and gives a lot of the weaker Bug Pokémon a great boost :D
Why do you like/love Bug type Pokémon? I like Bug Pokémon because they're so diverse! Bug is one of the only types that covers practically every niche you could think of. You have the speedsters like Yanmega, the attackers like Scizor, the walls like Forretress, the passers like Venomoth, and just about any other role you could think of is filled. It's why they're definitely in my top 3 types!

As for the current topic I've not watched the anime enough to be able to answer it, sorry! Perhaps a new topic would be more appropriate for a first club topic to give a more general audience a chance to sign up? :)