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If I were a mod, I'd probably not give infractions for simple things. I'm too kind to do that, the best I'd do to deal with a rulebreaker would be a PM stating what rules they broke and advise them not to do that again so basically it's a head's up, maybe even a warning if it's a serious one, and maybe an infraction if it's a repeat offender. And if the thread I'm dealing with would belong in another section I'd obviously move it there but if it's something that belongs in sections that undergo approval (like Emulation & ROM Hacking) I'd close it up.

Staff members also need to be approachable and not scary, which I certainly seem to fit if you're in the eyes of a new member, since I get loads of them visiting my profile and thanking me for welcoming them. I'd also love giving out emblems to members who deserve them, make my own mod ego emblem (with an Oshawott on it), use fancy usertitles and the bigger profile picture and avatar sizes also look nice on paper. Then of course there's that craziness of the mod lounge. And not to mention how awesome bold blue names look!
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