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From experience, I'm usually rather lenient when it comes to infracting. I usually first send a PM stating what they did wrong (Or else yellow card), and if it continues, I up it to a red card. If a person posts in the wrong section, I usually move it to the right place, rather than close it, or give them advice and whatnot before doing so.

When it comes to editing user's posts, that is usually done only in more extreme cases, like if something illegal is linked to or if there is highly offensive content in a post (Offensive comments, violent/graphic images or adult-oriented images, and in which such cases occur, I go straight to a red card, no matter what). The one thing I do miss though, is all the extra little options that you have, whether it's editing a thread title or editing a poll, or even the "Close/Stick Thread after reply" checkboxes. vBulletin just seems so stripped down when you go from any level of moderator (I was once put as high as admin until the former admin made a stupid move) back to a regular member. It took a while to get used to regular permissions once again.
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