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I have more of a problem with Sawk and Throh being similar to each other than with the duo being a ripoff of Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee actually xD I just never got over their designs, the former two that is. They don't look like I want pokémon to look. And they are too similar for my taste, but they are a duo I guess to that's kind of like saying that Plusle and Minun are too similar.

Speaking of which, all the electric rodents are too similar imo :( They shouldn't have made all of them electric, or all of them rodents. If you get my point.

Corphish and Krabby, I don't have anything against either. I think they are a good example of how pokémon can be similar yet different due to being based on slightly different species but with the same main idea and feeling.

Clauncher? Haha I haven't even seen that one yet! I got to read up on the news I see :p

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