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Originally Posted by Icebloom View Post
Finally put some good hours into it. :) Yuri/Estelle just made there debut with the epic Fury Sparks theme. Anyways, game is just as fun as the first one, and the gameplay is much quicker since they decided to remove the defense system. Still disappointed by the fact that solo units are relegated to just assist characters as there was potential for some interesting movesets, but oh well. Though I'm familiar and have played most of the games that were included here, the really small roster still bugs me a bit. On the other hand, I like what they decided include in this game (Vyse from Skies of Arcadia would have been perfect in this game!) Kite and BlackRose are probably my favorite pair to use so far; the arranged version of Stairs of Time sounds beautiful.

Anyone know what chapter X/Zero show up?
Chapter 20~ Which is where I'm at right now. ^^

I really like the Kite and BlackRose pairing too; as well as the Erica and Gemini and Kurt and Riela pairing. Well, I like the stories behind them, anyway~

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