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For doubles, I have to see specifically what the opponent has in his party. If they're using a generic non-weather/TR/Tailwind team, I'll start off with Politoed/Abomasnow and Ludicolo, to take advantage of weather on the first turn. If they have a Fake Out user but no weather, I might start off with a weather inducer and Ludicolo because most of the time, the opponent will use Fake Out on Ludi and mine has Protect to laugh it off.

If they have a weather inducer, then things get tricky. Against Tyranitar, I may send out 2 of my other pokemon OR Ludicolo and Abomasnow. It depends on if I want to cripple or kill as quickly as possible. Against Abomasnow, I'll take a teammate and maybe Ludicolo. Against Politoed, I'll take Ludicolo and a teammate.

Why all the Ludicolo love? Because mine is set up to take advantage of hail, rain AND opposing Fake Out users. Versatility, yo!

For singles... what does it matter? I'm almost always dead last in singles tournaments anyway! Hahahahaha yeah.
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