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I have an idea (Sorry if it's bad, I am new at this):

The Terry Challenge! Based off of the Vietnamese Crystal Let's Play (For quick access, since I doubt it was from here, go to the LP Archive and type "Pokemon" in the search), where a boy named Terry in a dystopian land of 5-character names and butchered english, and his trusty Cyndaquil, go and do normal Pokemon stuff, but with more frequent explosions. The rules are simple, really:

-You must use your starter for the whole game. Starters don't explode, or at least as far as I can recall.
-At least three members of your team must be able to use an explosive move. The moves don't have to be the two self-sacrificers, but they must be able to learn them.
-The exploding Pokemon must have an explosive move by the fourth gym, or at least one of them.
-HM Slaves are permitted, but are not supposed to be used in battle unless in a pinch.
-Revives and Max Revives are your friends! Stock up on them (This is the only place you are allowed to hack, unless explosive Pokemon are rare where you are; you WILL need these! But don't go overboard with the Revive hacking.)
-Since you WILL encounter Pokemon that are immune to the explosive moves, try to have at least one Pokemon in your main four who can use Dark-type moves (Brute force the Ghosts if you are in Gen I).
-If explosive Pokemon are rare or uncommon in your region, you are allowed to hack in ONE. Look hard for the others. If there are no others, consult me. Unova is especially tough on this regard; I don't know of many Unovian Pokemon that explode.
-You certainly must name your Pokemon. Five-character names are supported but not enforced.
-ROM Hacks are allowed, especially if the region they take place in normally has few explosive Pokemon.
-Team layout should go: Starter, Three explosive Pokemon, Two HM Slaves.

Some Tips:
-Try getting a Bibarrel if you are in Sinnoh. They make amazing HM slaves!
-The Vs. Finder can get you more money for revives; just pummel the trainers with your Starter to spare the explosives.
-If you can't find any explosive Pokemon, try using Rock Smash. I hear Geodude are mistaken for rocks.

I'd love to do this myself, but I haven't found any good emulators for a macbook, so until I get a gaming laptop (Late July maybe), I can't do this.
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