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When i first started playing i tried to run a similar deck to this in terms of eevee abuse. Water/electric. Using a similar combination to you. Also experimented with flareon and leafeon. I basically found that more eevolutions than eevees is generally bad. Sure they are helpful, but only if the deck is built around them and they aren't just thrown in.

My roommate is running a team plasma based deck that makes effective use of the 2 eevolutions he carries. It works really well and he can tear apart and basically prevent most decks from working at all unless they have the proper meta against him. So lets look at his overall strat of his deck.

His main attacker is Articuno EX PS, it has 2 good attacks. 3 energy, 60 damage to active and 10 to each bench. The other one is 4 energy, if one is plasma, 80 damage and the defending pokemon is paralyzed.

Going with water he also carries another good water team plasma attacker Beartic PS. The main attack he plans on using with beartic says that he does 20 x the number of damage counters on Beartic. So the more hp beartic has the more potential damage it can do.

Thus Umbreon is a logical step from there as it gives 20 hp to all team plasma pokemon and it is stackable. But to make full use of umbreon he needs dark energy.

Since he has to carry dark energy anyway he also adds in DarkraiEX , that allows free retreat to anything with a dark energy on it.

Using 3 umbreons, he also adds in 1 leafeon to act as a counter to Keldeo EX, which is one of the few pokemon that make Articuno EX rather pointless.

Add in giant capes, plasma badges and the addition of frozen city, he makes a pretty decent deck that shuts down anything that isn't team plasma and has no stadium card or any way to remove them or work around it.

This is a good example of how to make use of a good eevee, effectively. He has a deck built around team plasma that his Eevolutions fit perfectly into and support the deck as a whole. Your deck on the other hand seems to just has them shoved in so they can in theory counter EXs. While they may be able to do that, they don't really support anyone else unless you add the badges in.

If you need EX counters you could try using
Its not perfect and its a little costly, but in 3 turns or less (depending on if you use colress machine on it) you can be smashing EX pokemon for 120, no evolutions required.

Another good basic to add it for a deck that primarily focuses on having a bulky pokemon with 300 hp, and one of my favorite additions to my water deck when i found it.

For 2 energy and discard all energy attached to Miltank, heal all damage to one pokemon.

If you use both these pokemon i would suggest running some double colorless energy instead of team plasma energy since your main attacker doesn't use it effectly. Sure its a nice to have an energy accelerator when you need it, though 2 energy for 1 card is better than 2 energy (1 water energy + 1 plasma energy + 1 colress machine) for 3 cards in one turn. Also if you dont run the eevees, the plasma balls and level balls are all for naught now and will be wise to remove them for other stuff like great balls or ultra. Also making team plasma grunt also pointless since you would not lack stuff to discard so you can draw. The plasma frigate is also pointless now with lack of plasma energy, free up stadium space, for something that would help you. Possibly pokemon center, as its a helpful counter to frozen city and it can heal bench pokemon to make up for the damage from frozen city.

Either way, doing this would open up about 20+ cards in your deck for other stuff that work toward your main strategy of keeping black kyrem alive.

If it were me with both your cards and the cards that i know about and my strategy of heavy searching i would build something along the lines of:

Pokemon: 17 (12 Basics)
2x Black Kyurem EX (Main attacker)
2x Miltank (to fully heal black Kyurem)
3-1-3 Kindra PF (As it can be a good second attacker since you run both water and electricity and its cheap in energy cost)
2x Cryogonal (Search for Milotic chain, or Kindra chain)
2-2 Milotic DRX (Clear search for any 3 cards in your deck)

Trainers: 29
3x Juniper (Most consistently good drawing mechanic)
1x N (Good for messing with other players strategys early game or when you are doing poorly)
1x Colress (for mid-late game when benches are full)
2x Float Stones/ Giant Capes/ Rocky Helmet (Since Eviolite is worthless in this deck, or take out completely to add 2 more cards like hypnotoxic)
1x Cilan (I run 2 in my deck but it also runs keldo with blastoise so not as important since you cant just drop energy without blastoise)
1x Pokemon Communication (not really needed, possibly switch for revive)
3x Rare Candy (Get those Kindra up right away)
4x Skyla (To search for rare candy and other good stuff, i run 2 with a comp search)
2x Energy Search (to use after skyla when you cant wait, grab cilan when you can)
1x Energy Retrieval
1x Superior Energy Retrieval (allows you to ditch cards you dont need for 4 energy you do)
2x Great balls(maybe ultra balls so you can discard energy early on if you start with kindra though pokeballs arent needed with Milotic and Cryogonal in this deck, if not 2 more catchers)
1x Switch
2x Pokemon Catcher
2x Pokemon Center (Or stadium of choice)
1x Crystal Wall (Ace Spec)

Energy: 14
2x Double Colorless for miltank healing
12x water/electric (im not good at energy breakdowns)

Though dont assume this is a great deck, its all theory. But i can tell you, when i play my Milotic based deck, i run a bunch of 1x meta game cards that i can pull at anytime with skyla, milotic, and computer search. Though i only run 1 catcher since i dont want to pay 15 bucks for them. I also only run 1 switch since i carry 3 keldeos and 2 float stones. The main issue with this deck is, while consistent, it takes time to set up.

idk sorry i kind of went on and on, it was just interesting thinking about different decks i want to tryout. I hope it at least helped out.
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