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World peace? Nah. I don't think that's possible with humans, even if everything was happy and perfect people would eventually stop appreciating what they had, grow discontented and start conflict again. Or want more than we have and try to take it from others. If I was a god I wouldn't want to destroy all impurities, you can't appreciate good without evil, or happiness without sadness. Here's what I would do:
-Create some reliable, pure form of energy that doesn't pollute the environment so we don't kill the planet in the near future. That would suck.

-Create a time machine and wonder at the marvels of 10,000 years of civilization and go on exciting adventures, all that jazz. Like Doctor Who or something :D

-Be able to transform into an animal, like a bird, so I can travel and observe things . Also turn invisible.

-Don't know if I'd want to be immortal or not, death could be nothing but darkness depending on your religious beliefs.

-Keep my desired physical shape and fitness without doing anything, i'm so selfish
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