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Quote originally posted by sako:
I need help in editing the wild Pokémon in locations. I would appreciate help because the tool does not work on my comp
Are you saying this tool does not work?
Quote originally posted by sako:
Only one small issue I have is that Brock has an illegal Rhydon LV15.I would have changed it but my gym edit tool aint working and I pretty much suck at hex editing.
Then read the detailed tutorial I wrote for you. I even went over Brock as an example. This will take 2 minutes if you just try.

Also, I see you applied the V1.2 patch. Good.
I'll let you know what I think of the hack when I get further into it!

EDIT: Feels too much exactly like Red. If you want more people to be interested in this hack, you need to change maps/text/story.
Changing wild Pokémon/trainer parties won't be enough to get me to play a hack past Brock.

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