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frick, it's been a while

Trio - Basic - Insect - Bolt
Quake - Jet - Freeze - Legend

Yana - Pansage - lv 66
Poppo - Pidgeot - lv 66
Fuu - Whimsicott - lv 67
Shizu - Crustle - lv 67
Rao - Basculin - lv 67
Maggyo - Stunfisk - lv 67

Struggled to beat Drayden. Struggled through Victory Road. That's where I gave up last time and would have this time if I didn't have a challenge to beat. Didn't have too rough a time with the E4. Was captivated by the story's climax. Struggled with Reshiram, struggled with N, struggled with Ghetsis. I started those battles before work without knowing you couldn't save, so I stopped partway through N's battle, went to work, finished that on my first break, started on Ghetsis, knocked out like.. one 'mon every ten minutes. So did that over lunch and second break and finished about halfway home on the bus. Left the game on for eight hours. Ridiculous. Wandered into postgame. Struggled with every single trainer encountered, got lost, collected items, was not interested in eastern Unova. Went back to Nimbasa and started exp-farming the stadiums almost every day. Just yesterday I hit the point where I'm not really struggling anymore. Thank god.

Black postgame is awful.

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