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I'm wondering whether I should post right now or keep waiting for Darkhaven3.
1. What is one thing you like about yourself that other people might not like about you?
If I feel my thoughts on something would contribute and should be heard, I will speak my mind regardless of what others think.
2. If you could be any Pokemon which Pokemon would you be, and why?
I can't decide whether I would rather be an Aggron or a Gardevoir. Gardevoir because I would be able to sense feelings, teleport, see the future, and create mini black holes. Aggron because they are total badasses that claim an entire mountain as their territory and will wear their battle wounds with pride yet still care about the environment and plant trees after forest fires and stuff. Also they are badass.
3. This one is special Tell us 3 things about your character that don't meet the eye. (Two of them have to be true, one of them must be a lie. Try hard not to make it obvious ... This would be a cool way to add more depth to your character, and start a fun conversation about all of our characters)
1. Faris' parents don't approve of him.
2. Faris has never had any friends.
3. Faris has a secret affinity for sweets.
I'll put something cool here eventually.
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