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For Kinath to bestow upon them some luck, a mere chance, to catch His Grace in a pleasing mood it would certainly take all the prayers Tamor could muster in those last few steps toward the castle door. The inside of the castle was everything it was rumored to be and more, though none of it interest Tamor in the least. It was more important, crucial, to keep her eyes focused on the ground below her feet, as she felt it might slip away at any moment. Letting Percival and/or Roland to deal with the guards instead of the Raelussians was most likely the better option in the long run. Accidental slippage referring to The Nine was bound to occur, references laced the sentences she formed and it was hard not to refer to something so dear, something so much apart of her. As the doors flung open and the chamber of the king opened Tamor managed a single prayer and a call for safety. His Grace's hair had grayed even more since the last time she laid her eyes on him, not that it was surprising. His and Her Majesty were as regal and poised as Gods, simply stunning.

It wasn't easy hearing Percival raddle on, Tamor dreaded the outcome of this event, and luck wasn't on their side. His Grace absorbed the words of the younger brother and had quickly decided he wanted nothing to do with them, and called for his guards to step forward. They were efficient and fast, it was to be expected out of the guards that protected the Burning King. Seized she was, Tamor didn't know what to do with the strong hands that tightly gripped her. Niolas flew from his position on instinct and only landed on Tamor's shoulder after everything had settled. "Auden," is what she wanted to shout, no, scream to Astrum, but the words died a silent death on her tongue. Instead she peacefully resigned like the rest of the knights eventually did. Disrespect would only backfire on them in the end, as would the Burning King if they weren't careful in the way they responded.

To end up in the dungeons was something one wanted to avoid, rarely did those that entered leave as intact as they were when they came. To keep her wits about her Tamor mouthed the hymns of The Nine, there was a rational reasoning behind the king's actions, and she just had to find it. Had Percival had a twist of the tongue, arranged his words in a way that might displease His Grace? Did each of them bow before him? There were so many factors, but none came together as easily as a puzzle might. The looks on the faces of the other knights were a mixture, angry, frustration, collected, and one was as stoic as ever. What were they to do now, rot in a filthy dungeon all night? No, His Grace was stern but not cruel, his ways were effective not wasteful.

Sitting idly was clearly something Roland was not fond of Tamor noticed as he walked around in his cell spouting off insults, a dangerous thing to do even in the dungeons. A stirring kicked up inside Tamor, his words were poison that ate away at her ever-so-calm demeanor. The strength it took to not say a word was almost unbreakable until his last few sentences came about. All her uncomfortableness about returning home and feelings for Raelus was put aside, an outsider had ridiculed her country like a savage ravaged a village.

"You Ser Knight are out of line with your outrageous ramblings and suggestions. The Ethorian Way you say, might I remind you this is the land who can't even decide who shall sit on their precious throne. You bicker and fight like little children over a precious slab of iron, and you want us to follow your ways? A simple culture you say? As if you lot can have anything simple but your minds. To follow such a simple way would be more than foolish, it would be a mockery of our way, the way we earned to have." The ways trickled out faster and faster as Tamor went on, no longer did she care for Roland but for her country and its monarch. She jabbed her finger toward Roland and with every word she spoke she grew in confidence and in anger. Small passing thoughts became structured sentences shouted at the other knight aiming to burn through his statements. The cell immediately felt smaller than it was the way she moved about in it all while keep her eyes trained on man who had spoken against her King and country. Then she raddled on, "Your lands might be vast but they are full of fools, fools such as yourself. You see yourself as something of honor, but all I see is a knight who doesn't know defeat and when to bite his tongue. I swear to you by Tella's name knight that you should hold that tongue of yours before you find it charred."

The steel doors that kept them locked in the dungeons opened and two guards approached, only for Auden and herself, "You have been summoned by the great King Calason. You will be escorted by us." They spoke and put them in shackles, it was clear what they were to Tamor based on how they were forged. Her guard eyed Niolas carefully like he was deciding if he could somehow work chaining the bird as well. Though, she had only heard of these from her mother, being placed in them had an indescribable feeling to it, almost as if a part of her was sudden... missing.

More surprisingly than that was the announcement itself, His Grace summoned Tamor, why? It was clear that he had only taken the Raelussians, oh how she prayed to the Gods to keep her safe. Seeing King Calason was one thing, but if she were to speak to him she wouldn't know how to go about that. The only thought that mortified her most was if her grandfather was in attendance as well. She had never spoke of a word of her departure to him, or her mother, but chances are neither of them noticed. To force shame upon her family would be unacceptable in both their eyes and that's exactly what this was. Once more Tamor found herself outside the king's room, how this resulted The Nine wouldn't even know.

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