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Quote originally posted by Rizon:
Hey Sonic, happy birthday my friend! :3 I wish you the best of luck. ~
Here's the gift from me, to you!

I don't know who's Javier Andres. xD But I hope you like it!

how do you know my nameI love it <3 thanks gerokuns

Quote originally posted by glitchguy:
Happy Bornday Blonic Sonic~~Go and party you fool.


Thanks twitc--I mean glitch (now yuki's going to butcher me O_O) those pictures are pretty cool :3

Quote originally posted by Twihiki_Amias:
Lugia~ Happy Birthday and I hope you get well soon!

Stay as you are but don't get a tummy ache eating too much cake!

Here are your gifts:


:D Twihiki
Nice pics and thank you! I hope to get better soon, too.

Thanks everyone I love you all <3333


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