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I'm pretty lax and easy going. I also like to get in the topics in my forums and mingle with my regulars and such. I don't like to infract, unless someone did something really severe, or has done it multiple times (like spamming 7 different threads in the span of 10 minutes ugh). And then there's always that chance that they'll reply and ***** you out for doing your job, even if you were nice about it in the message that goes out. And honestly, if people that do mess up and get an infraction, if they read this thread, they'll find pretty much every staff member that's posted in here has said they don't like to give infractions. So we're not power hungry lions that people think we are. We're human beings and we're just doing our job here to keep things organized and straight. Sometimes that means get over it. Real life has worse consequences when those rules are broken.

I also like to keep things really tidy, so if something belongs elsewhere, I usually move it, unless it needs to go somewhere that is under approval, like Emulation. And I lock things if they've already gotten an answer. I'll admit I'm strict about my Q&A threads though. lol

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