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Dominique Bisset -- Paris, France

Dominique sighed as he searched the shelves of books. His eyes went from title to title, none looking interesting enough for him to even consider reading the synopsis. It didn't help that the cover art was almost as ridiculous and poorly thought out as the titles. Most just showed a man passionately kissing whom he presumed was his love interest, while others just showed images of items that related to the title--a starfish for Sea Glass Island or a meadow for Before the Lakspur Blooms. The flowers looked like delphiniums, but he guessed they were supposed to be "lakspurs". I'm sure Mom will know. Dom picked up the book and turned it on its back to quickly scan its summary. His parents anniversary was today and she was an avid fan of romance. Don't get him wrong. He'd bought his present a week ago. This was for his father who, nervous as he always was, just couldn't quite make up his mind in time to get a present. Now the two of them were a the Eiffel Tower (first date and all that) and he had present duty. Luckily he knew exactly what to get, even though he didn't get the appeal of romance. However, it wasn't his job to know. He was just here to buy one and get out.

As he neared the end of the summary, he caught from the corner of his eye another book. It had a very intense cover, a title and background of fiery reds and oranges. In the center of the picture was the image of very fine, very well maintained torso and abdomen. His face was cut off at the nose, so he only had a chin to work with, but he could tell that wasn't exactly the focus. The title LET THEM SPEAK screamed across his waistline, but Dom didn't quite mind. Mom, I think I found the perfect book, he thought, but the idea was instantly crushed when he read further into the title. Vampire. Dammit. That wasn't really her steam. Settling for the "lakspurs" Dominique put the second book back on the shelf and left for the counter where an unenthused and clearly obligated cashier waited.

He was ok, except for the fact that he didn't know how to dress. The cashier wore a dark green shirt with spotty flecks of several faded black stripes with old brown pants Dom could only just see. He looked like Steve Burns shortly after he left Blue to go to college. Now he was in desperate need of money and a good shave, but has since lost his bubbly attitude. Dom was a little disappointed that his name wasn't Steve, but Jean. Jean didn't give him much of a hello--more like a grunt--when Dom handed him the book, which was more than a little irking. His attitude didn't have to be as lifeless as the tree he was imitating, but Dom said nothing as he paid his bill and made his departure.

It broke his heart knowing that there were so many people, namely men, who were completely lost when it came to clothing. But alas, he was only one man, and while he would gladly help out more than a few of the men he knew, it just wouldn't work out. Dom placed the book into the passenger's seat of his car and drove out into the street, hoping to get back before his parents tried to exchange any gifts. Luckily for him, the bookstore wasn't that far away--of should he say, luckily for his dad? He definitely owed him one, but they would get down to the logistics of that later. Right now he had to focus.

Lately he hadn't enjoyed driving. Usually it was fine, but since he got these... Powers, he was unable to have even a sliver of fun. Apparently (he was still positive this was untrue) he had "road rage" according to his roommate in Toulouse. Personally, Dom didn't have an idea where that came from since he was a pretty calm person when it came to the road, but whatever. Anyways, he had to "keep his emotions in check" since he could possibly destroy the entire car and his mother's present. Honestly it was a little ridiculous since there was nothing to check, but okay. He'd keep an eye out.


Dominique's cellphone vibrated as loudly as it possibly could, making him jump after being so long in the silence of monotony. He took the phone out of his pocket and read the text message from his father. Dom could feel the anxiety in his father's "where are you"; it'd been a while and by now his mother was either mad or wondering what sort of extravagant surprise he must have thought up for all this waiting. "Traffic," he replied back, looking ahead at the line of cars doing absolutely nothing. They moved forward like snails, crawling forward only inches at a time. It felt like he'd been there for twenty minutes, but a quick check of his watch told him it had only been about ten. Funny how time slows down when there's nothing of interest going on.

Maybe traffic wouldn't be so bad if it had some sort of on board entertainment, like TV screens that opened up on the head unit when they detected idleness, or maybe roadside street performers. A highway circus wouldn't be too bad either, or maybe an air show. Dominque leaned a little forward in his seat, searching through the sunroof for any planes that just happen to be doing some sort of loopty-loop or a dangerous aerial maneuver. No such luck. Dom leaned back in his seat and let out a bored sigh. Yeah, not much was going to happen in this line. Not even a bird to watch.

Yep. Just scenery.

Dominique frowned and looked back up through the sunroof. His eyes scanned the clouds for a moment, trying to find one that would be most likely to hold up a giant golden gate and thousands of angels. You know, life would be so much more fun if you decided to be a little spontaneous once in a while. Dom didn't get much of a moment to look down before a flash of blinding light broke through the heavens, bringing a loud explosion with it.

"F*ck!" Dom exclaimed as he jumped from the sudden explosion. The flash quickly morphed into a streak that zoomed passed the feet of the tower and behind trees into the land right next to it. Was that a f*cking meteor!? Holy christ, Christ! When he said spontaneity he didn't mean meteors! And even if he did, he didn't mean where there are tourists! You were a lot nicer to Russia. Like many others, Dominique stepped out of his car and looked in the direction the meteor landed. It's crash not only brought on what sounded like a second explosion, but the screams of the many people affected by it. The sound of them made some run to the scene or take out their cellphones or calm their children. Dominique was one of the runners, racing passed the cars in an effort to see exactly what happened. He hardly had a chance to get passed the third car before there was another boom in the sky. He stopped in his tracks and looked up, eyes widening as a second meteor sped through the atmosphere and towards his body. Dominique ran forward again as fast as he could. The second meteor's impact shook the ground and knocked him off his balance. He grabbed onto the side of a car to steady himself, looking back at the damage the huge rock had made. It had definitely crushed the car, making a hit that had torn through its metal and knocked it off of its wheels and off the streets. Dom may have been more concerned for the car and the people who were possibly in it if it weren't for the size of the meteor. It was almost as big as the car used to be.

Dominique looked away from the sight, stunned. What in the world was happening? It was rare enough to see a meteor fall, let alone two? Dom looked in the sky as a way to find an answer, but what he saw gave him nothing. Above more and more meteors burst through the clouds, each and every one of them falling with the light of the sun behind them. Their breach into the atmosphere sounded like booms of thunder one after another. The sun was up, the sky was clear. If it weren't for the rocks that fell from space it would be an ordinary day. It was another meteor that landed amongst the cars that snapped him back to reality. The screams of the people around him were louder now. Countless people were dying, that was obvious. Young, old, native or not, each and every one of them had picked the perfect day to perish with strangers. Some of them were ordinary tourists and others may have been here to celebrate a special occasion. At least they would be able to be crushed with someone they cared about. People like... Like... Sh*t!

Dominique ran towards the chaos, so suddenly remembering his parents. They were here too, but where!? D*mmit, d*mmit! They wouldn't be like the people who'd already died today, couldn't be! He'd have to find them, get everyone to safety. Dominique looked into the sky again, witnessing the meteors in the distance fall into the streets in Paris, destroying stores and homes in their wake. He'd find somewhere.

Dom called out as he ran, mostly drowned out by the sound of the meteors. Already he could see the suffering that would result in the event. If the Paris survived this assault, it would never be the same again.


Dominique had run for what seemed like years with little success. As time went on, it was hard to tell if he were making progress or just running aimlessly among meteors. It was getting hotter with every impact and everywhere he looked people needed help. The area was progressively looking more the same and less like his parents. He wasn't sure how he was able to survive this long and he didn't take the time to question it either. At times he helped others who were in need, which certainly slowed him down, but he never lost his true focus. At one point he heard music (which he just assumed was a surviving music player of some sort) and saw helicopters, but everywhere he didn't see his parents only frustrated him. Why did this have to happen now? Why did this even have to happen here!? He would have gladly moved the meteors to any other city other than Paris and a portion of Toulouse.

The question he was asking shouldn't have been why this was happening, but how. There was no possible way this could happen naturally, could it? A team of astronomers would have f*cking caught this! No, no, no, this couldn't possibly be real, not for a million years. Then what? It... It couldn't be? Could it?

Ahead of him, two men running together were suddenly separated by the impact of a meteor into the ground. Debris flew into the air and for a moment, Dom thought he could have been seriously injured. He may have maintained that thought if he didn't stand up right after as if nothing had happened at all. He called something back to whom he presumed was the other person and continued to stand there. That didn't seem right. He'd been in this chaos for a while now and most people weren't inclined to stand idly by in the same spot, as if the stars weren't crashing towards them. No this guy was weird, or better said, he was up to something. Dominique stopped in his tracks. It was hard to see him clearly through the dust and debris, but whether he had a knowing smirk on his face or not, Dominqiue had a good feeling that this guy had something to do with it. If he had something to do with it, then that only meant one thing: He was Atlantean.

Dominique clenched his fists, immediately angry at this mystery person. What the f*ck was wrong with this people? It felt like he couldn't go a day without some Atlantean sh*t popping up and now this!? Not only was it over-the-top, but it was the most senseless thing he could imagine any Atlantean ever doing. What was the purpose of it? Hundreds--thousands--of people were dead and dying. His parents could have been the same, and for what!? For what? A f*cking demonstration!? After this it'd be a miracle or an act of complete stupidity if an Atlantean could step out of their door without the threat of being executed on the spot. Just like the last two incidents, this was obviously no accident. This was the last straw, a big last straw and if anyone couldn't see that they must have been more cutoff than Helen Keller.

Yeah. Dom was pissed, really pissed. He could already feel the temperatures rising. He wouldn't make a move to stop it, not right now. He'd let the fires come as they please and when they did, this silhouette *sshole was going to get the full brunt of it.
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