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1. What is one thing you like about yourself that other people might not like about you?
My wide sense of humor and the joys of sarcasm. I think it bugs everyone around me, but I thoroughly enjoy it.

2. If you could be any Pokemon which Pokemon would you be, and why?
By choice, or most suitable to personality? I know that I am most fitting to something like Lucario or Umbreon. By choice... Hmm. Honestly I couldn't decide.

3. This one is special Tell us 3 things about your character that don't meet the eye. (Two of them have to be true, one of them must be a lie. Try hard not to make it obvious ... This would be a cool way to add more depth to your character, and start a fun conversation about all of our characters)
A: Kiba is dominantly left-handed
B: Kiba is dominantly right-handed
C: Kiba can use both hands equally.

Not sure if being tricky, lazy, or sarcastic. Soooooooo

Aa: I am being tricky.
Bb: I m being lazy.
Cc: I am being sarcastic.
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