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Quote originally posted by FIKRI 29:
Prefered user name : FIKRI 29
Partner pokemon : Escavalier because his design is Cool and look strong
Favorite Bug type move : Bug buzz, Megahorn and x-scizzor
Why do you like Bug type pokemon : Because Bug type have Good speed and Attack
To answer the topic
Which bug type trainer managed their Bug types the best in the Anime : Bugsy The gym leader of Azalea town

Welcome to the club. Escavalier is a good choice. Has alot of ways to build up its defense and strength. Megahorn is the only move there I am more familiar with. Tried teaching Heracross that move in the Crystal or Silver games. I remember that battle with Bugsy in the anime, his Scyther deflecting all the Fire moves from Cyndaquil. I had a hard time beating him in the games though for some reason but managed to beat him and move on.

I have made Facebook pages of all 721 existing Pokémon plus Mega evolutions. If you want to join them, search for them in this format: [Pokémon's name], Pokémon # [Pokédex number], or for Mega evolutions, just type in Mega [Pokémon's name]