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I only recently tried out the honey trees, and I quite enjoyed it. Sure the wait was a little frustrating, but there are other things you can do in real life during the wait times. I never go for Munchlax though. Slow pokemon are terrible in fourth gen what with the abundance and fetish that game has for status ailments, so Snorlax would be just as useless as LickyLicky since they would never go first. Typically I'll beat up team Galalactic at the valley windworks, slather honey on the three trees that are there, and catch and use whichever tree dispenses the best Pokemon. Wormadam, Vespequen, and Ambipom are all really great options, so I'm happy with any of them. (Aipom is the best though)

Also if you know what you're doing, you'll never have to worry about not finding a Pokemon. Since the species of Pokemon is determined as soon as you slather the bark, (not gender, nature, shiney, or ivs though, so you can save and reset in front of a shaking tree for the right gender of combee or burmy) it also determines if there's going to be a Pokemon when you slather the tree. So after you slather it, just talk to the tree again, and if it says "There is a sweet scent in the air" that means no Pokemon were generated, and you just slather it until it says "The bark is slathered with honey".

I'd honestly love it to come back, but maybe with a MUCH smaller wait time, (maybe three hours) and less moronic rarity rates. (Which were greatly improved in Platinum thankfully) My one big complaint with the honey trees though that nobody mentions is "why the heck can't I get Teddiursa in the honey trees?"

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