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So, after nearly getting murdered by Pikachu in the TV station yet again, I began to move on. Now in Eterna Forest, going to head back to pick some berries when they're ripe then continue on to Eterna City. Already got four members of my team, so I'm probably going to end up doing an Ash and swapping some in and out:

Scratch / Leer / Flame Wheel / Rock Smash

Still not evolved :)

Tackle / Leer / Charge / Bite

Although I love Shinx, I also like Luxio so I let him evolve. Also not having STAB was starting to become a hinderance, the attack boost from evolution is much welcomed.

Tail Glow / Bubble / Water Sport / Charm

Probably my strongest pokémon, despite its levels. Underestimated that 600BST until I noticed it's superior to every pokémon I have / encounter in every way xD

Pluck / Astonish / Pursuit / Haze

Basically I needed a flying-type, and the choices were limited to Starly, Murkrow or Wingull. I love all 3 but Murkrow is the least easily available on all my games, so this is what I went with.

EDIT 4/7: Forgot to go back and use Cut by Eterna Forest before defeating Jupiter, now that bug catcher won't let me leave Eterna by that have no idea how much I want Chimchar to burn his bugs into dust...
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