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Call of Duty...I think that's what a lot of people can agree with, honestly haha. Especially when you consider how many people hate it anyway. But anyway, I've never gotten the appeal and I just think there are better FPS games out there. Though I'm not good at FPS games in general, but still.

Like, I realized it's a very good platformer, and I don't blame people for liking it at all. But to me, the horrible pacing, among other things, ruins the game. It's just so slow, and the shooting mechanics (which I also think is stupid) doesn't help. I actually saw a speed run of the game a while ago and it was STILL slow as hell so I didn't finish it. Normally to me good level design and good controls are the most important thing for a platformer, but Yoshi's Island (which has both) somehow prove me wrong. Pacing IS so important to me.
Although I really like Yoshi's Island, I definitely agree with this.

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