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My first shiny was a Shiny Donphan on my Silver version! On my Gold version (different playthrough) I found a Shiny Weedle and a Shiny Oddish. Crystal I hatched a Shiny Elekid which I didn't even realize until I brought the thing onto Pokemon Stadium 2. Then third Generation didn't give me anything until I found a Shiny Poochyena on Emerald not too long ago. Too bad that Emerald happened to have been a ROM. Oh well. :(

Pearl I found a Shiny Budew but I've lost the pearl so my Budew, Milotic (RNGd) and Combee (given) are all gone woe. But I do still have the Shiny Bulbasaur I soft-resetted for on Soul Silver and the Shiny Azumarill (caught as a Azurill) on Black 2.

So I'm not the luckiest person but no doubt I'm luckier than other people haha.
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