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Hello everyone. I've been obsessed with Mystery Dungeon lately (as well as ACNL XD) to the point that I started a walkthrough of Sky on my youtube channel (/user/LetheTheRaptor). Anyway, the only time I've gotten to the very end and beaten Darkrai was the first time I actually played Sky (Hero: Piplup/Empoleon, Partner: Pikachu/Raichu).

Anyway, I wanted to play the game again and hastily deleted my save. A lot of my friends have played the game but never got to Darkrai, of which I was very proud of that fact. My question is, what's a good team to get through the game. My favorite pokemon is Umbreon, and I've tried playing as eevee before and it was pretty good. I got tired of only tackle, so I used wondermail generators to get Dig and Shadow Ball. My partner was a Vulpix which I though would support Umbreon very well (IE: Extrasensory for fighting, Fire moves for bug). I liked that team, but only got past the future before I stopped. I feel that Vulpix is too over-used (Two of my friends used Vulpix/Riolu and Riolu/Vulpix so it felt weird to use such a common pokemon among my friends).

So my question is this, I want to be able to beat Darkrai in a few weeks at latest. My family is going on a road trip soon, so I can play the heck out of my game. What's a good partner for Eevee/Umbreon. I'd like a pokemon with enough bulk to support eevee, and then be able to support an Umbreon as well. I tried Torchic once, as Blazikin gets Brave bird, Fire moves as well as Fighting. I'd also like movesets if possible, for eevee then when I evolve (I definitely want Moonlight and Assurance) and a moveset for my partner. Any recruited pokemon would be nice too, but not required. Thank you guys and sorry this is so very long!

EDIT: My favorite types are Dark Obviously), grass and flying. Since there is no Grass/Flying starter I'm thinking Grass or Fire. I'm now thinking Charmander would be good, as when he evolves he gets Heat Wave and gains the flying type. I'll add a poll to vote for which partner my eevee/umbreon should have!

EDIT 2: Messed up the poll... Don't vote for any normal types as I can't be partnered with them...

FINAL EDIT: I decided to go with Vulpix once again.

EDIT: 4: I'm getting opinions about Riolu. The only problem is they are both weak to Fighting when evolved.


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