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Borderlands. Well, I kind of like the gameplay, but the world seems so... dull to me. None of the atmosphere or excitement, of say, Metroid Prime or even Halo. A lot of my friends don't seem to mind though.

League of Legends. RTS's aren't my thing. I tried the game out but it just wasn't very fun to me. I almost wished I liked it, because a lot of my friends play it, but man, it just doesn't interest me at all.

And this might shock some people... but Super Mario Galaxy. I liked Super Mario 64, and Sunshine, but Galaxy... I just don't like the level design. Too linear for me, and I honestly don't really like the fact that every level had the same sphere planets. Felt too much like a game, and not like an adventure... I really feel alone on this, because the vast, vast majority of people loved this game.
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