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I have been playing Pokemon TCG online for about a month. No one around my home keeps TCG cards, so i have to do with what i get. I got 3 good EXs so i thought to string up this deck.

Kyurem x 1
Articuno EX x 1
Eevee x 3
Flareon x 2 (One PF and one Sand attack one)
White Kyurem EX (Slash) x 1
Heatran EX x 1
Torchic line x 3-2-1

Switch x 1
Catcher x 2
Enhanced Hammer x 2
Cilan x 3
Hypnotoxic Laser x 2
Ghetsis x 1
Cheren x 1
N x 2
Skyla x 1
Level Ball x 1
Ultra Ball x 1
Tool Scrapper x 1
Town Map x 1
Colorless Machine x 2
Rocky Helmet x 2

3 Plasma
2 DCEs
6 Water
10 Fire

Any improvements, feedback, advice etc. would be quite appreciated!! (At least it seems to be holding its own better than the other 3 decks i made)
I hate EXs..... unless i have them.
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