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Quote originally posted by Varion:

Ironically, this seems to childish and cartoony for a Pokémon game.
Unless everything is going to be in this style, I suggest sticking to a pixel worked game.

The hair could use some work.
Hair for overworlds have light coming from the top of the screen, rather than the top left like in battle.
Try to keep it in mind.

These are the types of comments I like :D

If there isn't a better word to add to childish and cartoony to describe this project, then you definitely forgot to add ridiculous
The style is supposed to look like that, not just to reflect how comical the whole plot and designs are, but also I just like looking at desaturated colors.

And another major factor is that I can't sprite to save my life, which is majorly evident in the player overworld sprite.

That's also a pretty new thing to me, that the light source always came from the top of the character. I'll definitely remember that!

And that sprite I made earlier is old, because I've went to using the overworld design found in 4th gen games :D

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