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Greetings, Kurt! Welcome to PC and the SHC!

A Steelix, huh? That's a pretty nice choice! Which game are you hunting it on, and through which method?

Feel free to drop some updates or have a small chat with us while you're doing stuff in-game. It's great to talk about the goings of the hunts so we can all share our Shiny hunting spirit! Speaking of which...

I'm still going at it, myself! Stuffing Nincada into five different boxes until they're full, then uploading them to Pokécheck to see their IVs, keeping any nice ones in the process.

Look at this crazy guy! Too bad about the nature, but it's great for breeding. I now have that one along with this one for breeding. No Masuda, but those 31 IVs are popping out all the time.

Good luck with your hunts, everyone! I'll be around.

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