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The Brotherhood failed at reforming old institutions and maintaining rule of law. Furthermore, they were the "lesser of the evils" to many Egyptians that voted for them. There's no easy way out. The Brotherhood was elected in, so if they were removed now, that would upset their constituency because Morsi was democratically and constitutionally elected. But keeping him now will just make the protests larger and more intense. Egypt will probably continue to become increasingly divided. As for al-Assad, I think it's about time he just crushes the rebels and wins the civil war. There are Islamists filling in the gap of law and order where the state once existed. The rebels may also be tempted to form alliances with Islamist groups. A Catholic priest was confirmed to have been beheaded by al-Qaeda linked groups, I've seen the video and I can't unsee it. I don't know if the rebels are united enough or have the tools they need if they win to fill the ensuing power vacuum.
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