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Delta Mayor, Agnes Johansson, Oakley North, Oliver "Vulture" Hansen, and James Hazen
- Paris, France

It was a gruesome scene the trio appeared on, as it was full of debris, more so than a couple of meteors would cause. The air was thick with black smoke, flames flickered all around, and the curiosity of what had unraveled here was a pressing matter to Delta. By what she imagined was a trick of the eye she saw small sparks leap from places, not knowing how that was possible. Pressing forward over uneven ground Delta got the feeling that is was the result of some sort of Atlantean brawl, but where were they now? Out of one fight and into another, was this the life she was destined to live? If so, it was much more exciting than anything she had done previously. An odd pair they were, Delta and Oakley, almost complete opposites in appearance as well as personality. However they were both intrigued by the disaster that had unfolded at this location.

Agnes was floating quietly above them. She had recovered from the shock of seeing the golden man being teleported away, and was mostly eager now. But at the same time, she was really worried about where Atticus and Freddie had gone away to. She kept looking for them through the smoke and didn't notice that Oakley and Delta went on ahead faster than she did.

A cough, or was it a wheeze, caught their attention and instantly they swiveled their heads toward the noises. It was almost instinctive that Delta crystallized her hands whenever stumbling upon something and it wasn't any different now. Tugging on Oakley's shoulder she moved forward, wading through the smoke with relative ease except for the occasional misplaced footing or blunder.

In an instant it felt as if flames had consumed Delta, the heat licked at her skin as if it was trying to make it sizzle and burn, which she didn't doubt that it was. Sweat was accumulating, it was almost the exact opposite of the coldness she had felt from the ice Atlantean earlier. No doubt they were only getting closer to the primary source of the heat, as with every step they took the temperature went up a degree. A thud focused Delta's attention on the space in front of her, a male laid flat on his stomach. Most of his clothes charred and burned away, the rest of his appearance was filthy no doubt from the smoke and dust that wafted around them. It was evident when never ending waves of heat lapped at their clothing that this individual must be the source of the temperature soaring.

"He's the source of this heat," Delta noted as she touched him with a single finger and even felt a slight tingle. It was too much for the rest of her body to handle being near him for long, "You two stay here and watch over him. He's Atlantean, but I don't think he was here alone."

Agnes didn't hear her; she was too high up above the smoke at the moment with her worries. Oakley was sweating from the heat, but was unable to pull off her coat thanks to her enormous arms in the way. Instead, she wiped her brow with a metallic hand, turning to Del.

"Where are you going?"

"He didn't get this way twiddling his thumbs, now did he?" Delta replied before she checked out the surrounding areas, though through the smoke there wasn't much to see.

"I suppose..." Oakley leant down, gently pushing the boy over. His face was rather plain, aside from the black charring that was painted on his face. What Oakley did notice was not his hair or his clothes, but the watch on his wrist. It looked... expensive.

Oliver could only see the silhouettes heading towards the conflagration, running to catch up with them. It seemed ridiculous that the trio would move towards the fray, but then he realised that the fight was over, and that they were aiding a figure lying on the ground, "What's going on here?" he asked.

"Your death if you don't step away," Delta responded in an aggressive manner, she didn't take kindly to strangers especially those of the Atlantean variety. It wasn't clearly stated if he was Atlantean, but there seemed to be a lot of them running around Paris and she wasn't ready to take chances.

"Geez, no need to get snappy," he was taken aback at the aggressiveness of this girl, all in all, he was just trying to help out, and yet he was attacked for it. "Did you see where his opposition went?"

With several steps Delta made her way into the personal space of the burly individual that had run up to them, "Why do you care? You seem awfully interested in a fight that had nothing to do with you."

"Pot calling the kettle black, much? I'm just trying to help." Oliver was starting to get annoyed at the way this girl seemed to be taking over the scene, as if she had called dibs on saving this boy's life. "Why don't you step off?"

"What's going on?" Oakley stood up, clenching her armoured fists. Was this person a threat? Maybe the one who had charred this boy in the first place?

Agnes heard Oakley's raised voice and stopped her lookout for a while, instead coming down into the smoke from the hot ground for a while. She spotted the boy laying beside Oakley and gasped. "Who's that! Did a meteor do that or-"

"Oakley and Agnes, a quick suggestion... if you don't want to get blood on yourself I would back up now," The response came through Delta's clenched teeth, as she seethed with anger. She crystallized her entire right arm, but only her fist was visible as her jacket covered the rest. In order to make a show of it Delta then opened and closed her fist several times before she did the same process to the left side.

Oliver was taken aback at the sudden crystallization of this girl's fist, an act of aggression which he hastily tried to subdue by bringing his hands up in a 'stop' motion, "Chill, I'm not up for a fight, then again, it would be unfair of me to hit a woman..."

"That's nice, but I'm unlike any woman you've met," With a twisted smile at the end of her statement Delta spat out the words. To prove her point she punch the man in the gut with a single fist and followed that up by doing it again, but delivered this one with much more strength. It was incredible the amount of force that she could put behind one punch, one day she reckoned that if she were to try she could punch straight through the human body. In fact Delta knew that she could do it now if she wanted to. Unfortunately since this man hadn't identified himself as Atlantean she couldn't justify his killing to Emilio or Misha. That meant if there ever was a lucky day in this man's life then this was it. Delta wasn't satisfied with herself if there wasn't injury so she would leave him with a few bruises or broken bones to remember her by. The man was knocked backwards but eventually fell to the ground, unmoving.

"Delta!" Agnes shouted out, losing her balance in the air for a second and tumbling down onto the ground to land on her knees. She raised her head quickly though. "That's so unnecessary, you don't even know if he's an Atlantean or a human and got really hurt!"

"If he cools down you'll need to cover him up," as Delta spoke she shrugged off her leather jacket and shoved it at Oakley purposedly ignoring Agnes. Also, acting oblivious to the incident that had just occured. Why was she bothering to care about some poor sap who had fallen in battle, an Atlantean no less, who could very well be the enemy?

"S-sure," Oakley took the jacket. It felt impossible that the boy could cool off at all, the amount of heat he was emitting and the amount of sweat that was coming off the poor girl.

Agnes gave her a worried look and moved closer to the heat radiating boy and the armored girl, but then fixed a gaze of disapproval at Delta again. If there was ever a person she couldn't not understand, could not feel, it sure was Delta.

Before her mind could get the best of her or Oakley and Agnes asked too many questions, Delta took off hoping to find the sparing partner of the first unconscious Atlantean they had just found. What would she do once she found him, she hadn't killed the first Atlantean, what should she do with the other? Delta disappeared into the smoke, but wasn't quite sure what direction she would take. Moving onward until she heard the distinct sound of someone heavily breathing and went towards that. Not one to move subtly Delta arrived in front of another man, he was a lot more lively than the other. In a hurry she stopped the crystallization of her hands and slipped back on her fingerless gloves, it was best not to give away ones true nature until there was a reason for it. One might need to bluff and Delta couldn't do that with her cards in plain sight. That, and she was quite sure he was Atlantean or a deranged civilian. With force Delta shoved her boot into the man, as if to give him a much needed jolt.

"Lying on the floor is a good way to die," Delta chimed, hoping to spark some sort of conversation if anything she should just get to the point. A dark mark on his neck caught her eye, and in a lightning quick movement she turned his head to the side, an Atlantean tattoo. "Especially if one happens to be Atlantean."

"Really?" James inquired, his eyes still fixated on the dark skies above, where meteors still descended upon Paris. "I always wanted to go out standing. Seems better that way. Like one final 'f*ck you' to Death." He took in a deep breath, and let it out, as he struggled to move himself off the ground, and instantly felt the pain that came with it. It didn't seem like a single part of his body wasn't sore, bruised, cut, or burnt. He lifted his head a bit to try to get a look at the man he had been fighting, but was unable to see his condition, though he did manage to see Oakley and another girl he couldn't recognize standing close by. "Is he dead?" James asked the girl above him, gazing at her for the first time. She was quite attractive, unique, even. Maybe it was that which caught his eye. He'd always found individuality attractive, and he was definitely feeling the pull.

"How dreadfully morbid of you," Delta commented and took notice of how the man spoke with an American accent. It only reminded her of how she missed the normal, Polish accents that she was accustomed to be surrounded with. His blatant lack of style was most bothersome and unimpressive, a plain light blue shirt with regular jeans. Dust and dirt caked on his tanned skin, even with that he was still rather handsome. "He's not, but he could be as could you if you're not careful." She warned, information was hard to come by with everyone so tight lipped and since she currently had the upper hand why not use that to her advantage? "Tell me, what was your brawl about? A bruised male ego I imagine..."

"Heh...hit a guy when he's down..." James mumbled, again struggling to rise himself off the ground. He was fairly certain that since the girl appeared to be with Oakley, she probably wasn't going to kill him. Otherwise, she would have done so already. However, he was in no position to test that hypothesis. He managed to sit himself up, bringing his hand to his neck and clutching it as a stinging pain came from it. He noticed something interesting as he grabbed his neck, that he almost didn't feel any contact from his arm. He looked down at his hands, trying to move them a bit, and realizing that they had gone partially numb in certain areas, the consequence of using so much lightning at once. James looked back up to answer her question.

"What was the fight about...?" He repeated her question, continuing to look down at his hands and examine the extent of the damage done to them, not just from the numbing but the burns the Atlantean created. "I dunno." He responded, looking up at the girl, as a grin formed on his face. "I don't think there always has to be purpose behind things. Sometimes, a fight is just a fight, because it is. You know?"

"I do, I was involved in one earlier. There's a difference between ours though," Stopping for a brief pause to look back at Oakley, Agnes, and the unconscious Atlantean they hovered over. Delta didn't know why she cared so much, they were both just strangers to her and would eventually just get in her way. Undistracted Delta continued, "Mine's dead." She let that sink in a moment before she reached around and brought her black pistol out in front. "I'll give you two options, that's all. Answer my questions truthfully or I kill you, simple enough." To emphasize her point Delta didn't hesitate to pull the barrel of the gun backwards and then pressed it into his forehead as she got leveled with him by squatting. The man's eyes were a deep shade of green, Delta's were a much lighter and prettier shade. "Hate to see a such pretty face go to waste, but I also hate when people don't do as I say."

James slowly lifted his hands up in the air as the woman brought her gun to his head, and a sharp pain followed to his ribs as he did so, though he did his best to ignore it. "Alright, alright." He responded. Despite having a gun to his head, however, James found himself oddly smiling again. He couldn't explain why either. Some people did it out of anxiety, though James was fairly certain he wasn't nervous. He was just happy. He had been happier ever since they had arrived in Paris, ever since he had found out about his Atlantean roots. Something about this environment, turbulent and destructive as it was, seemed to agree with him. Even the gun seemed an oddly comforting sight. He looked her straight in her eyes, calmly speaking. "What do you wanna know?"

It worked, but now Delta had to think of what to actually ask the injured Atlantean. She wasn't sure, but there had to be more than the Atlantean Royal Family and Atlantean Unification Project at play here, something she hadn't been told. "Your ability, what is it?" She questioned, it was best Delta knew what situation she was getting herself into. "These days all the Atlanteans I've come across have an affiliation, I'm expecting you're not any different. I'd like to know who you came here with." Her voice was monotone and lacked emotion, almost as if his presence bored her. Delta didn't mind looking at him, but she didn't like the smile he had formed because somehow it only added positively to his features.

"I came with her," He said pointing back to Oakley with a motion of his wrist, while keeping his arms up. "My buddy Nate, and a librarian." He said plainly. "And as for my ability, I'll show you mine if you show me yours." He added, not breaking his gaze from her. He kept his smile on his face, taking notice of her distinct accent, something he also became drawn to for its singularity, at least to an American like him. "What's your name?"

A nod was all Delta gave his answer, so as she thought there were more groups but it wasn't surprising in the least. Oakley had failed to mention whoever this Librarian character was, something Delta would most certainly interrogate her about later in private. "You're either brave or really stupid, I have no doubt it's a combination." Delta commented and appeared intrigued by the individual in front of her. It was foolish to believe that a man who she had a gun pointed at was trying to give suggestions. Delta had no doubt that she would do the same under the exact circumstances, one must never give their captor the opportunity to see their pain no matter how much it hurt. Admiral really, had he got her in a worse off mood or he mouthed off to her she wouldn't have thought twice about lodging a bullet in his brain. "Well, only on the premise that you go first as I have no doubt you haven't forgotten who wields the weapon in our relationship." She spoke as she waved the gun in the air ahead of him as she did. Returning his alluring smile was hardly in the cards even if a part of her wanted to, she must remember to further oppress that side of her. "Do all Americans introduce themselves to a woman without first introducing themself? Does that not seem in the least bit rude to you?" Delta prodded out of fun, American culture was new to her and all she had heard were her grandparents voicing their views against their ways many, many times. She however already knew his name, it was James, Oakley had spoken it earlier and this guy had to be him. At last she had completed the trio of friends, but where was their ring leader... this Librarian individual?

“James Hazen,” He replied quickly. He had no intention of dancing around questions for the better half of the day. Even in his weakened state, he felt that he wanted to do more. Now that he had gotten a taste for it he didn't want to stop. So a demonstration was something he was more than willing to do. In any other case, James would have considered using the demonstration on whoever would have asked, but something about this girl made him decide against it. That, and she still had that gun pointed to his head. “I'm gonna need to stand up to show you,” He stated, but didn't wait for her consent before he began to slowly rise himself from the ground. He positioned one foot on the ground, balancing his weight between that foot and a knee, before pushing off and rising himself, groaning from the soreness and pain as he did. When he was straight up, he took a look around the area, where the damage he and his opponent caused was still present. His sights turned from the immediate area of his own damage to the entirety of Paris, still burning from the meteors, which continued to rain down.

“Couldn't ask for a better view...” He said silently to himself, as he lifted his hand up and examined it. There was still parts of it that were numb, and as he closed his eyes to survey what energy he had left inside of him, he realized how little he really had. In fact, if he didn't have the Atlantean Crystal with him, he wondered if he would have been able to use anymore-significant energy at all.

“I wonder how we're assigned our powers,” He stated, as he examined his hand in front of him and began to concentrate, tapping into his energy that circulated in his body. “I haven't thought of it much before, but I wonder now if it's randomly 'assigned', or if each power is chosen to each person based on who we are.” James closed his eyes, concentrating the power from his body to his right arm. He could feel the power circulating toward his palm, where he concentrated it to go. Along the way, though, he noticed that each place the energy inside flowed that encountered parts of his arm that was numb resulted in an unpleasant stinging sensation. However, due to his hesitance to show weakness in front of the girl, he hid it as best as he could. A single spark passed out of his body and flickered around. This was followed by another, and then a few more. They began randomly forming out in each direction, until James focused further, and combined each of these shocks into the center of his palm, and all at once they screeched from this disorganized combination. Finally, the culmination of his effort paid off in a single, ball of chaotic static, with strand of lightning pulsating off of the source on occasion, trying to zap something that it could reach. "If that's the case, then I know this power was meant for me. It's exactly what I want, what I need. It's anarchic, unrestrained, ever changing, uncontrollable at times too. It's chaos at its most basic form, if it really has one." He looked from the ball of lightning to the girl in front of him. "It's... pretty much perfect." He placed his arm down and let the lightning dissipate from his hand, the familiar tingling settling in. "So...your turn, whatsyourname."

Rising with the man Delta finally got a true sense of his height and build, the five-inch heel boots she wore brought her up to be nearly as tall as him but not quite. With careful eyes Delta watched James, she hadn't met a James before, survey the battlefield that resulted in his position on the floor. Paris was still burning, meteors still crashed into the earth, and Atlanteans fought for their lives. Again, was this what life had become? Turning the world into absolute mess and causing mass destruction wherever their kind went. It was a helpless effort to try to gather all Atlanteans into these fractions but letting them go wild wasn't doing anyone any good. These Atlanteans had chose their path and they had chose it with their life so Delta didn't feel the least bit guilty about killing that earlier Atlantean. Life had shifted rather dramatically, but so had Delta and it was always best to get ahead of the turn. She had no doubt after this incident they would be treated as the enemy, a threat to national security on all continents.

"That is a good question, I hadn't thought about it much to be honest." The sparks of electricity bounced off his hand, as if it were seeking out prey. It was new, he could control electricity and pool it into different body parts Delta assumed. Another elemental power, ice, electricity, and fire all in one day, not to mention Agnes manipulation of air, they were sure to become a powerful bunch. If her power didn't evolve into something stronger Delta was afraid of what would happen when she encountered these individuals and they were truly enemies. "It is nice to know that our abilities are our own, no two Atlanteans having the exact same one." Delta spoke aloud her passing thought.

The crystallization began at her fingertips and trickled downwards, the green tinted opaque rock solid material covered her entire arms in a matter of seconds. Before she had begun her intensive training sessions at AUP the shift would cause pain, but now it felt nothing but natural. It spread across her entire upper body in haste, since she only wore a tank top beneath her jacket that she had given away to Oakley some parts of it was visible. The harden material dare not touch her neck, one day it would but today was not that day. A set of keys swung from the black lanyard as she moved about, while two knives were strapped on each side of her hips. Reflections of flames showed on the diamond-like material.

"I'd rather be tough, durable, reliable, and a defensive strength at its finest." Delta said as she moved her free hand and each individual finger into a fist. Would his ability work on hers, she carried on with her thoughts out loud, "I wonder how a fight between us would turn out... I have no intentions of killing you now as I'd like to kill you in the future when we're both healthy and at our full strength." The handgun was slipped back into its place, and reverted her skin back to its normal brown color.

"My name is Del." She finally answered and waved and shouted for Oakley and Agnes to come over. Delta had learned what she needed to know, it was only fair of her to let Oakley speak to James while she stood watch over the Atlantean she hadn't punched.

James admired the ability as it grew along her arm. He was tempted to touch it to get a feel on what kind of ability it was exactly, but he had a feeling she would disapprove. "Alright Del. You name a time and place, and I'll see you there. Count on it."

Once Oliver had managed to recover from the crystalline blow, he carefully nursed his new wound, assuming that he would have an large bruise or two in the morning. Getting to his feet, he noticed the crystal girl talking to a man not far from where he stood, the man's fingertips brimming with electricity. For a moment, he was enthralled with the sparkling power, wanting to run over there and rip it from his hands, but rather limped over to the duo. "You have one wicked punch, woman, who side do you fight for?"

"Listen, if you didn't learn your lesson the first the first time," Delta seized the gun from her pants as she watched the man approach and shoved the barrel into the man's chest. "I'll happily show you." Him standing there was a testament to his strength, but Delta knew a bullet hole to the chest would put him down. It was clear he was Atlantean by the way he poised the question, "Side? I'll give you one chance to explain yourself. Or I'll shoot you into the heavens."

"Didn't they ever tell you not to bring a gun to an Atlantean fight," Oliver was still fearful of the gun she hovered at his chest, his ability wouldn't save him from a point blank shot, but he could see from the barrel casing that it was one of the AUPs. "Side, as in do you fight for the Royal Family like me, or for the Unification Project?" He nodded his head downwards at the gun, "Either you're with the AUP, or you took one of them down. Friend? or Foe?" he questioned.

To go about this Delta would have to be careful and tiptoe around the truth for the time being. It was always best to lie in situation like these or in the least manipulate the truth. If Agnes or Oakley ruined this... Well, Delta just hoped they wouldn't. "I was also advised not to kill anyone, but as you can tell that changed," Delta threw a glance at the gun she held firmly in her hand and then shrugged. "I don't have friends, a waste of time in my opinion, which only matches opinion of you. I work for myself, a single party."

Agnes raised her eyebrows for a split second, but then adapted an angry look. How dared she! Okay, if that was how she wanted to do things, Agnes wouldn't waste any more time trying to cooperate with her. She was the only person she didn't like in the AUP anyways. The flying girl crossed her arms and glanced at Oakley. "She's mad, I hope you know by now," she said so that only Oakley could hear.

Taking a look at Oakley and Agnes, Delta continued on, "Now, step aside my acquaintance needs to speak to her former acquaintance, which is this man."

"So you two know each other then?" he now ignored Crystal Girl and addressed the man standing next to her and the girl who had just approached them, "are you two "single party"'s as well?"

Oakley looked at James with worried eyes then back at this new person who Del had punched before. Did he say that he was part of the Royal Family? Did that make them enemies, or perhaps allies for now of a single cause? She took note of what Delta had said, keeping in mind that the truth may need to be kept hidden for now. Agnes just didn't think that far.

"Yes," Oakley said plainly, though she was speaking honestly if you counted the Librarian as a 'single party'.

James gazed at the newcomers to the area, Oakley among them. He remained silent while they bickered among themselves, but he looked at Oakley for a moment longer after she gazed upon him with an expression of...what was it? Perhaps concern? He wondered why that was. They had gotten along relatively well over the course of their time with the Librarian, but he wouldn't consider them friends really. He knew if the positions were reversed, he wouldn't have cared as much for her. Though he probably wouldn't have said so to try to maintain some niceties. Maybe some false words of concern, but James hated doing that to begin with. While thinking on this, he began to slowly lose touch with the current conversation and stared off into the sky. He watched meteors fall from above, reacting to them in a way that made it appear that it was now normal. " rain..." James said softly to himself.

Everything was focused on James and to hear him mutter something about the rain sent Delta into a fury, it was wasting her time. Flipping her gun, a trick she had learned from Imogen of all people, she held it by the barrel, turned around for a moment, and smashed the butt of the handgun into James' shoulder. "You know how I said I wouldn't kill you? I lied, speak to Oakley because frankly I'd rather not be wasting my time with you or you," Delta shouted before she put her undivided attention back on the large man who had a lot of questions. The first 'you' was directed at James while the second was at the man who she was facing.

This whole thing was a jumbled mess, this Royal Family member had purposely sought out James with a different motive than she. Delta had only done it to get a glimpse at who or what had caused the damaged to the first Atlantean they came across. It wouldn't be unlike a Royal Family member to use this moment to do some recruiting. Oakley deserved this moment to speak to James about their situation, whatever that might be, for a bit of closure or a goodbye depending on the person. The Atlantean Royal Family wasn't going to ruin that. To escort Oakley back to the AUP was her next mission, after all Oakley could be the winning ticket out of any trouble she may be in. Delta stood between James and the Royal Family member, facing the latter and never letting her eyes or her gun off the man. To Agnes she had lied earlier, but if it came to it she would kill this man in front of her without caring what Emilio had said.

"I'm ready for a nap..."

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