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Day 1

Started my journey in Diamond as the girl with the name of "Lucy", and went through all the opening stuff. I chose Piplup as my starter as I haven't picked him in a while. I named it "Pengi" after the somewhat similar looking enemies in the Kirby series, though they look more like Prinplup than the other two forms. I captured several Pokemon on the way to Jubilife City, including a Starly which I thought about training, but overall decided not too. (I've actually never trained a Starly before)

Did all the stuff there was to do in Jubilife, got my Poketch and fought rival "Fred". Fortunately he was stupid and just used his Turtwig's withdraw constantly allowing Piplup to take him out.

Arrived in Oreburg and went to the mines to get Roark to actually do his job and fight me at the gym. I fought the two trainers at the gym, and Piplup Evolved into Prinplup right before battling Roark! Needless to say, Prinplup easily won that gym battle.

After beating up Team Galactic in Jubilife, I headed towards Floroma town so I could get to the two Honey trees accessible before fighting Team Galactic at the Valley Windworks. After beating up the team galactic members needed to get the ability to buy honey, I slathered the two honey trees and the waiting game began. I was hoping to find one of four Pokemon which were Combee, Aipom, Heracross, or the highly unlikely munchlax. Out of the four I wanted Combee the most, so we just had to wait and see.

In the mean time, I picked some berries, and luckily the lady in the flower shop gave me a second cheri berry which are super important in Sinnoh due to the region's obsession with paralysis. Planted both Cheri Berries in front of the flower shop, and headed back towards the Vally windworks to capture my second party member.

Since I had tons of time to kill, I could afford to take my time and be picky about catching a Pokemon with good Ivs, and in the case of Pachirisu, that's a good thing to do anyways as IVs can make or break Pachirisu as a useful ally. After about 10 or so Pachirisu I got a really good one at level 8, named it "Chitters" and the training began. This Pachirisu had great Ivs in everything except Special Attack, so this would be a physical attacking Pachirisu. At first I was ev training him just to get things started a bit quicker, but after a while I switched to knocking everything out except for Budews since they give Special Attack EVs. During training I took a break to have dinner in real life, which killed some more time while waiting for Honey trees.

Eventually Pachirisu and Prinplup reached level 21, and it wasn't too terribly long at that point until the honey trees would dispense Pokemon, so I stopped training because if I DID luck out and find a Combee, it would evolve at level 21 and be at an even level with my other Pokemon.

I still had a bit of time to kill so I spent a while watering my cheri berries, and then turned the game off and watched a couple internet videos. At long last it was time to check the two trees, and the first tree gave me a Silcoon, which was pretty worrisome. Maybe I should have beaten up Team Galactic right away with Prinplup and given me access to that third tree. I went to check the other tree crossing my fingers and hoping for the best, and much to my joy a Combee appeared! Since I saved in front of the tree before checking it, I could reset as often as I wanted for a female one with good Ivs, which is exactly what I did. The first two female combee I caught were horrid, the second one being one of the worst Pokemon I've ever caught with all possible IVs except for Defense being under 5. Fortunately the third one I caught was WAY better, and thus the training for Combee (nicknamed Honeydress) could begin.

I trained Combee for a while, but around 1:00AM I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer, so I quickly slathered the two honey trees again, watered the cheri berries, and went to bed in real life.

Day 2

Next morning I woke up with the my cheri berries fully grown, and honey trees shaking. The best time to slather honey trees is always right before you go to bed. ; ) I picked both berry plants which gave me five cheri berries for each plant. I checked the trees and got another silcoon from the tree I got Silcoon before, and the other tree gave me a female Burmy. I caught the burmy, and knocked out the silcoon for easy EXP. I slathered the trees again after checking both of them.

After much level grinding, Combee finally evolves into Vespequen and learns Power Gem! Now that all three party members were at level 21, it was time to progress and beat up Mars at the valley windworks.

After beating up Mars, I felt it was a good time to write my journal entry as not only would that kills some time while waiting for honey trees, but just in general it was a good place to stop and write. Despite being pretty early in the game, my play time is now 8 hours and 22 minutes. O_o

And now you're caught up to where I left off.


I got through Eterna Forest and arrived in Eterna City where Vespiquen easily beat up Gardenia. Took care of Team Galactic, and headed towards the next areas where I could access more honey trees as I still want an Aipom for my team. On the way to mt. Coronet I captured my fourth party member which was a Stunky named (Now this is genius) "Sgunk".

I fought Barry in Hearthorme City and progressed all the way around the map in a big circle to gain access to as many honey trees as possible, and also to gain access to the Ruin Maniac's cave where I could capture my other remaining party member of Hipopotas.

Over the next three days of my quest I had been planting Cheri Berries and slathering honey trees, and today I finally found an Aipom. The great thing is the first one I caught was amazing! I also went back to Valley Windworks and caught Drifloon. I now have 44 cheri berries what with all the waiting I had to do to get aipom. Now I just need Hippopotas and I'll have my whole team!

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