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Quote originally posted by KurtSnowee:
Yup, the first Pokemon he saw WITH Pokeballs! He just sent me about 300 screenshots considering it's the first shiny he's ever seen. Also just a quick update I'm going to be focusing my search in Union Cave! Also when I {hopefully} get Steelix what game do you recommend keeping it in? Soulsilver? or should i put it in Black so it's in the lastest game?
I am a fan of the 4th Gen, so all mine are on HG. Once/if I get a copy of a 5th gen I will still probably keep on HG as I'm not that into the later ones. Unless you are into online/competitive battling put it on your favourite game

Out of interest, why union cave? If it's Steelix you want you only have a 5-10% chance any given Pokemon will be an Onix, as opposed to some bits of Mt Silver where it hits 30%. Or the lower floor of Rock Tunnel has (maybe) cooler other Pokemon with still a 10% chance (IMO cubone+kangaskan are better than sandshrew+rattata). I assume you aren't that far through the game yet?
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