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Originally Posted by KurtSnowee View Post
Yup, the first Pokemon he saw WITH Pokeballs! He just sent me about 300 screenshots considering it's the first shiny he's ever seen. Also just a quick update I'm going to be focusing my search in Union Cave! Also when I {hopefully} get Steelix what game do you recommend keeping it in? Soulsilver? or should i put it in Black so it's in the lastest game?
I am a fan of the 4th Gen, so all mine are on HG. Once/if I get a copy of a 5th gen I will still probably keep on HG as I'm not that into the later ones. Unless you are into online/competitive battling put it on your favourite game

Out of interest, why union cave? If it's Steelix you want you only have a 5-10% chance any given Pokemon will be an Onix, as opposed to some bits of Mt Silver where it hits 30%. Or the lower floor of Rock Tunnel has (maybe) cooler other Pokemon with still a 10% chance (IMO cubone+kangaskan are better than sandshrew+rattata). I assume you aren't that far through the game yet?
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