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Hello! Welcome to my thread. Hope you find what you're looking for!

Thread Rules

1. Follow all forum rules
2. DO NOT purposely trade me hacks! If you accidentally do trade me a hack, that is ok but I do expect a trade back or a trade of equal value!
3. Please offer reasonable trades! I will offer multiple of my shinies if I think it's fair!
4. The shinies and events are cloned
5. I do not mind clones, they are fine with me
6. *My pokes are now full-redis again, please dont make me put it back to non-redis!
7. Do NOT make my pokemon public on pokecheck!
8. I can Wifi and File trade! I do prefer file trading though.
9. If you do not have anything in my wants, please give me offers!
10. Have fun!



Shinies wants! - those with * are the most wanted

Shiny Ditto's of natures I don't have
S/F legendaries*
S/F Ditto (Japanese preferred, but not required)**
Shiny Giratina*
S/F starters
S/F Sycther (ability technician preferred)
S/F Noctowl (Hoothoot is fine too)
All other legendary or unbreedable shinies!

I am willing to trade more than one shiny for S/F pokemon and shiny legendaries!!! Please ask and offer!

Legendary wants!

Also looking for events. I can't clone events because of their ribbons, so I can't really offer them all the time.

Please send me offers as well!



Shiny (Not mine, received in trades)

Gyardos - Female, impish, Touched
Luxray - female, naughty, Touched
Bellsprout - Male, Brave, Touched, nicknamed SWAG (sorry I'm not the OT, so I can't change it )
Shiny Gliscor - Female, Modest, touched
Shiny Gyardos - Female, Lax, UT
Shiny Nidorina - Female, Lonely, UT
Shiny Steelix - Female, Careful, UT, pokerus infected
Shiny Noctowl - Male, Naughty, UT (OT: RNC)
Shiny Torkoal - Male, Timid, UT (OT: RNC)
Shiny Growlithe -Male, Adamant, UT, FLAWLESS
Shiny Treecko - Male, Lax, UT (OT: RNC)
Shiny Totodile - Male, Bashful, UT (OT:RNC)
Shiny Charmander - Male, Brave, UT
Shiny Grumpig - Female, Modest, lv.100 but has not EV's
Shiny Torchic - Male, Mild, UT
Shiny Mr. Mime - Male, Impish, UT, (nicknamed Mime)
Shiny Beldum - Lax, UT
Shiny Pachirisu - Male, Gentle, UT, Pokerus infected
Shiny Spinda - Male, Gentle, Touched, Pokerus cured

Shinies hatched/caught by me -
Eevee - Male, Serious, UT
Gastrodon - Female, timid, UT
Shinx - Female, Careful, UT
Snorunt - Female, Naughty, UT
Lunatone - Bashful, UT
Phione - Naive, UT
Rotom - Rash, UT
Vulpix - Male, Bold, UT
Scyther - Male, Brave, UT (technician abilty)
Shuckle - Male, Mild, UT
Lunatone - Modest, UT
Cyndaquil - Male, Lax, UT
Chimchar - Male, Sassy, UT
Sneasel - Male, Relaxed, UT
Horsea - Male, Rash, UT
Tyrouge - Male, Naive, UT
Marill - Female, Adamant, UT
Ralts - Female, Relaxed, UT
Shiny Spinda - Male, Quirky, UT
Shiny Mareep - Female, Modest, UT

Shiny Flawless!

The following pokemon are shiny and entirely flawless unless stated!

Growlithe - Male, Adamant, Level:1, UT, Moves: Roar, Crunch, Flare Blitz, and Morning Sun
Ralts - Male, Jolly, Level:1, UT, Move(s): Growl
Ditto - Timid, Level:34, UT, Move(s): Transform
Kyogre - Timid, Level:50, UT, Moves: Aqua Ring, Ice Beam, Ancient Power, Water Spout
Beldum - Adamant, Level:1, UT, Move(s): Take Down *ONLY AVAILABLE IN 5TH GEN FILE*


VGC09 shiny Milotic - Male, Timid, UT (1 available)
VGC10 shiny Eevee - Male, Hardy, UT (Not available until cloned)
WIN2011 Celebit - Timid, UT (Not available until cloned)


Giratina UT
Ho-oh Touched
Lugia Touched
Mesprit UT
Azelf UT
Uxie UT
Dialga Touched
Palkia Touched
Latios touched
Latias UT
Mewtwo UT
Articuno UT
Moltres UT (nicknamed JK)
Rayquaza Touched
Suicune UT
Groudon Touched
Raikou UT
Rotom (Touched from daycare, no EV's)
Manaphy UT
Kyogre UT
Zapdos UT
Entei UT

EV trained

I have recently learned how to EV train. I will be updating this section every now and then. None of my EV'd pokemon are level 100 because I do not have an unlimited supply of rare candies.

Lucario: male, rash, Inner Focus
Moves: Focus Blast, Psychic, Aura Sphere, Dragon Pulse
Trained in: Special Attack and Speed

Metagross: Quiet, Clear Body
Moves: Still in process of creating matching movepool
Trained in: HP and Attack


Shiny Egg Bredding

I have finally learned how to RNG breed shiny eggs! I can now offer any shiny as long as it's breedable and in it's lowest evolution form! These shinies don't have to be in my haves list, but I can still get them as long as it's breedable.

EV training

I will EV train requests! These are my only rules,
1. You must provide me with the pokemon you want EV trained!
2. Tell me where you want you're pokemon EV trained and what moves it should now!
3. Give me at least a couple of days and do not rush me! I will PM you when I am done.
4. I will only supply rhe EV's! As I said, I do not have an unlimited supply of rare candies so I can not level them up to lv.100.

Just look at my want list for what I want in return or make me an offer!


I can offer all the starters and a lot of breedables! Just ask to see if I have it. You may specify if you want a specific nature, though these may take more time to breed. These are all free!

Thanks for looking!
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